Chapter 11

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Warning: this chapter contain smut! You don't need to read this chapter to understand the next one!

POV Taemin.

Next morning I woke up before Jonghyun and silently went down to take breakfast with everyone else. ''Good morning !'' I said smiling. ''Good morning Taemin ! How did it went after everything yesterday ?'' ''He fell asleep pretty quickly ! I reasured him a bit and he fell asleep hugging me !'' His mother smiled at me and gave me a plate with rice, porc and vegetables. ''Thank you !'' I started to eat when i remembered something. ''Yesterday you said that you were used to him having panic attack !'' ''Well dispite being my son Jonghyun was bullied when he was kid because he was small and cried easily so other kids used to beat him for fun or to make fun of him. One day it was raining heavily and he didn't came home from school so we were looking for him. He was soaked wet when we found him and...He had bruises and scratch on his face, his clothes were ripped and they had cut his hair...He loved them so much...When he saw us he started to have trouble breathing and that was his first panic attack.'' started his father. I sat my fork down. ''Then when he came out as an Alpha a lot of kids that used to bully him were angry and upset so it only grew worse and panic attacks became more frequent until Jinki taught him how to fight ! That when they ended after he beat up those kids. He was 14 !'' ''I'm glad it ended !'' I finished my plate and took a cup of tea. I was siping my tea when runing and heavy step make themself heard from upstair. ''You should go Taemin ! It looks like he need you !'' said his mother. I gave my cup to Kibum and went to Jonghyun's room. I entered it and instantly i was locked in his arms.

''I through i lost you....'' ''I was downstairs eating breakfast don't worry...I'm here relax...''I kissed his cheek and smiled. ''I was so scared...'' ''It's ok..It was just a nightmare...'' He sight and lead me to his bed where he sat and put me on his lap. ''I can't lose...not again...'' ''You won't lose me...'' ''Let me make sure of that...'' I kissed him softly and his arms wrapped themselves around my waist gently. The kiss got hotter and I snaked my arms around his shoulder playing with his hair. Jonghyun's hands went under my-well his-shirt and caressed my back. His hot skin against me made me moan as it was chilly in this october morning. He moved his mouth from mine to my neck and nipped at it before licking the same spot. I let my head fall on the side allowing him more access. The more his hands massaged my skin, the more his lips kissed my neck the warmer i felt. It was a feeling i already knew. My heat... '' heat...'' ''It's ok...It's part of mating..It will let everyone know that you're being claimed....'' i blushed at his choice of words and let my head stay on his shoulder. ''How ?'' ''During mating the pheromones change a bit...'' he said gently lifting my shirt. I shivered and took his off before kissing him again. His hands traveled on my body and i grinned my hips on his causing a sweet friction that we were dying for. He groaned against my skin and i kept going wanting more, so much more. ''Jonghyun....I need you...''

POV Kibum.

When Taemin left i looked at his father. ''Did you planed something to do for today ?'' ''Yes totally ! Group training ! Let's wait for Jonghyun and Taemin to get ready and then we'll go !'' ''We should go without them.'' Mumbled Leo and Minho nooded ''Why ?'' asked Seokjin. ''Well I have a feeling that they won't join us today !'' answered my lovely Beta. ''What are you two talking about ?'' asked Sodam. ''Can't you feel it ?'' ''What ? Feel what baby ?'' I asked. ''They are right we should leave home for today !'' said Jjong's mom. ''I don't understand a thing !'' said a fustrated Minseok ''Smell the air !'' simply said Minho. ''It's strange !'' ''They are about to mate ! Let's give them privacy !'' he answered. I took his hand and left the house with Jinki followed by everyone. ''How did you knew ?'' Jinki asked Minho curious. ''It was the same smell in my house when my sisters and Jongin mated !'' ''Wait ! You said we were alone in the house !'' said Kyungsoo looking at Jongin. ''Sorry I might have forgotten about Minho !'' ''I'm glad no one was there when we mated together !'' i sighed. ''So...Taemin is about to become an adulte now...'' ''Don't act as if you know him since he's little ! Think about Wonshik and how he must feel to know that his best friend is about to have sex !'' said Jongin. ''Did you though about us ? Gosh he's our brother ! And Jinki know him since diaper time !'' added Sodam. ''I don't want to talk about this anymore...let's just go away from the house and do something !'' Minho laughed and kissed my cheek.

POV Jonghyun.

I gently kissed from his neck to his flat belly and kissed his ribs. Honestly i kissed every inch of his skin. I love him so much. When i was stroking his back one of my finger gazzed his wing and he moaned so loudly he became a tomato. ''I-I'm sorry it's-its so embarassing...'' ''Don't be embarassed...I like these sounds you make...I'm glad to know I make you feel good...'' My went to kiss his torso and gently licked one of his nipples. I saw him bite his lip and i took care of sucking his nipple before playing with the other between my fingers. ''J-Jjong !'' I smirked and went lower with my kiss until i was in front of his pants. ''Can I ?'' ''Yes...'' I slowly pulled them off and kissed his thighs nipping at it softly. The more i was playing with him , the more he release pheromones and the harder and hotter i got. I pulles his underwears off his body and kissed near his cock teasing him. I heard him whimper and took him in my mouth. To be honest it's my second time having sex and it's my first time as a top so I'm working on instinct. I bobbed my head slowly and he nearly screamed. I went faster massaging his thighs and he gripped my hair tightly arching his back and throwing his head back. I went on until he came in my mouth. I swallowed and kissed him. ''Do you want to go on ?'' ''Yes !'' I kissed him and undressed before grabbing condoms from my bed side table. I looked at him before rubbing circles around his entrance. ''Are you sure baby ? Do you really want me as your mate ?'' ''Jonghyun god ! Yes i want you as my alpha ! I wouldn't want anyone else ! I love you !'' I kissed him softly and entered a finger in him. He wiggled a bit in discomfort.

POV Taemin.

After a little while a second finger entered and i didn't even winced because of how wet i am. Self lubricant is a great thing that comes in handy. A third joined the other two and he stretched me for a bit. ''Stop-stop teasing ! Please ! I-I can't wait anymore !'' He kissed me passionately before slowly sliding in. I gasped in pleasure and he buried his face in my neck. '' good...'' '' condom...'' ''Crap you're right...'' ''I...I wouldn't mind having a kid with you...i mean i'm 19 so i'm not a kid anymore...and...I love you...'' ''Are you sure ?'' ''Yes...'' ''Let's do it then baby...'' He slowly started to move and i moaned so loud the people outside might have heard. It started slowly and it went faster. ''Jjong !!! Yes!! Harder !! Please !!'' He groaned and gripped my hip and thigh tighter. He went faster and faster it was unreal. It felt so good ! ''Let...Haa ! Let me ride you...please..'' He sat down back against the wall and took me in his lap. I started to move in circle before going up and down. He helped me with his hands on my hips and trusted deeper. ''There !!'' he went faster and deeper and i scratched his shoulders to blood drowned in ecstasy. ''Jonghyun ! I-I'm ! Soon !'' ''Go ahead babe ! '' My movement became sloppy and soon i came on his torso. ''Are you ready baby ? The knot is forming ! It will hurt but it will be ok..'' ''Come my it..'' ''Not like this..hands and knees baby..'' he came out of me and i did as told before he re-entered me. He trusted faster at an animalistic pace and bite my neck were it meet my shoulder and i felt him swell inside making me scream. He stayed like that for a few minutes before laying on his side big spooning me. ''How long...'' ''Will it stay like that ? A long time...let's sleep baby..'' I sight contently and caressed his hands that were on my tummy. ''I love you Kim Jonghyun...'' ''And I love you Lee Taemin...''

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