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"We've all had someone we've lost our mind for."


I watched as Jacklyn pulled my car into the run-down barn and covered it up with a tarp that was laying underneath a few pieces of rubble and some hay.

She sent me a proud smirk as she passed me my car keys when she was all finished, and she leaned herself up against her boyfriend's car.

"There. Now, when all of this blows over and he's no longer a threat, you can take back your car, change the plates, and have a normal life again."

She took a cigarette from my pack and offered me one. I held up a hand, refusing to dive any deeper into my nasty habit.

"Really?" she asked, the cigarette hanging loosely from her mouth.

Her green eyes squinted at me and her ginger hair moved along through the wind. She was a sight to see, and I really hoped Jungkook would take care of her.

I nodded, sighing as I looked out at the scenery around us.

"Yeah, really. I figured if I'm stopping one bad habit, might as well stop the other."

"I see V has left a good impression on you," she winked at me, gesturing to the pack of smokes next to her.

I shrugged and heaved a breathy laugh.

"I don't know, man," I sighed, a heavy feeling resided in my chest.

"To be honest, I'm very scared of what is going to come out of all of this."

She shifted herself to where he hip was now leaning against the car door instead of lower waist, her body now fully aimed in my direction. She puffed smoke out from her mouth, and looked at me seriously.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm worried that my feelings are being displaced inaccurately. How I feel about him, is it because I wish I had that with Jordan, and I'm just using him for that reason? I already feel shitty enough that I brought him into this mess. I don't need to play with his heart, either."

"Are you sure he loves you? It might have been just a heat of the moment thing."

"Possibly, and he didn't fully come out and say that he loved me. He said we had made love," I laughed awkwardly.

"That's the closest thing you can say without actually saying it," she replied.

"I mean, I don't want Jordan to find me, but how am I going to get all my stuff from his place? I can't just sneak in there, and he definitely wouldn't let you or someone that he doesn't know in, for that matter."

"If you go in, you'll have multiple people waiting for you outside. Just don't be with him alone if it comes to that. Okay? You have us as back up. You need to remember that you're not going through this alone."

I nodded, taking another deep breath as we watched the slow-moving clouds pass over the afternoon sun.

The breeze was light, and the sound of birds chirping played all around us. It was the first time in a long time that I felt completely tranquil, considering the situation.

"Is his name really V?" Jacky suddenly asked, a little laugh escaping from her lips.

"So far as I know. If it's nickname, you haven't heard bunny boy call him something differently?"

Jacklyn puffed out a hysterical rage of laughter before becoming a giant, red tomato in the face.

"He's cute like a bunny, I will admit," she finally calmed down from her episode of joy.

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