Chapter 1

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Rose P.O.V
   As the sound of those four vile words hit my ears, I fled the church. I don't want anyone to see me cry. As I run to my dorm all I can hear is him saying those words to me. Each time worse than the first.

                     "Love fades, mine has."

    They echo through out my head with each step I take. Once I make it to my dorm I run into my room I shut, lock, and sit against my door. The moment I sat down my face was drenched in tears. I cried for an hour.

   I remembered all I did for him, all our moments together. They wouldn't stop. After I finished crying, I got up off the floor and moved to my bed. I sat there held my head in my hands. I was sitting 1/2 crisscross applesauce with one keg dangling off the side of my bed. A little while later I'm writing a letter to Lissa explaining everything. I seal it. And that was the moment I decided. I'm leaving. TODAY. I just can't anymore

   I pack a bad including a stake I stole from Stan, one of Dimitri's sweaters, shirts, and a western book, with clothes. With those few items I leave. If I stay any longer I'm going to go crazy. I NEED to get away right now. I pull out my phone and call the one person I can rely on.

   It rings and they answer. "Kiz? What's wrong?" I gave myself a small sad smile, at least he cares. My voice breaks as I say " Dad, I need your help." If you know anything about me at all you know that I almost never ask for help. So when I do, you can make for damn sure that when I do I'm doing something either entirely wrong, illegal, or possibly treasonous. "Kiz, I'm turning the jet around be ready to leave in ten minutes. I don't like that sound in your voice. Something wrong. You're coming with me." I let out a sad sort of laugh. "You know me so well Zmey. See you in ten."

   I hang up and walk to Hans's office I leave my bag outside behind some flowers and walk into his office. As soon as I walk in Hans looks up and says "Hathaway, to what do I own the pleasure of this visit?" I chuckle a bit and say "Well you see, I'm leaving the academy." He looks a bit confused when I say this so he responds "What do you mean you're leaving? This could be your last chance to be Princess Vasilisa's guardian and you're just going to give that up?" In an emotionless voice I say "Yes. I'm leaving and you can't stop me." The old man gives a sigh and says "How well do I know that Rose. But why?" I say as I turn away "Wouldn't you like to know."

   With those five words I walk out of the door and grab my bag. I grab the letter that I wrote for Lissa and walk towards her dorm. She's not there, she's still in church. I leave my letter for her on her desk and walk towards the academy airway to wait for my dad. He's a badass moroi who, I think, is a mobster. He has most of Turkey, Russia, and the U.S. scared of him. When he's not around everyone calls him Zmey, behind his back, but I don't. I say it to his face. They call him Zmey because in Russian it means "snake" its supposed to be ironic because he's cunning. This fearsome man's name is Ibrahim "Abe" Mazur.

  About five minutes pass after I make it to the airway before the jet is here. The open and my father walks out and stylish as ever. He's wearing nice black business pants, with shiny black shoes, a button up black dress shirt and a gold scarf with his gold earing. He's a little buff for a moroi and he's six foot three. His arms are open as he walks out of the jet. I walk to him and he pulls me into a hug then whispers in my ear " When we get on this jet I need you to tell me what's wrong. " I nod and we walk on the plane.

       Lissa P.O.V.
  I'm sitting next to Christian listening to the priest ramble on about St. Vladimir and his guardian Anna. Halfway through his rambles I hear the church doors open and close softly behind me. After the service Christian and I go back to my room. Eddie and Adrien with us. We're all talking about our plans for after highschool. I open my door and we all walk into it. We're all still talking as Eddie leans against the wall Christian, Adrien, and I are sitting on my bed. But suddenly Eddie stops talking and walks over to my desk, pick up an envelope I didn't know was there and brings it to me. I open it and can't believe what I'm reading. It reads

   I can't take it anymore, not after what he said. So I'm sorry but I'm leaving. I just can't stay and have to listen to those words echo in my head over and over repeating louder and louder. I'm sorry that I'll never have the chance to be your guardian. That I have to leave you alone. But you'll always have Christian and Eddie. Even if Christian leaves you'll always have Eddie, I sure of it. Please take care of yourself I couldn't handle it if I caused you more pain than I already have. I love you, remember that. And remember me.

    After reading the letter I burst out in tears and drop the letter. But my tears quickly turn to anger. The guys have grabbed and read the letter and their expression mirrors my own. My BEST FRIEND is gone. And there's only one guy that could have caused her this much pain. And if I were him I'd start fearing for my life because he now has the biggest people you don't want pissed off, pissed at him.

    I get up quickly and roughly open the door and leave the dorm. The guys one step behind me. He better hope too God that the guys have more self control than I currently posses, because if not. This will be the END OF DIMITRI BELIKOVI quick walk to his dorm and when I get there he better hope that his guardians protect him from me, because I'm one pissed of princess.

   Within minutes we arrive to his bedroom. There are two guardians standing outside of his door. Two that I know very well and will be on our side in this fight. The two guardians are Janine Hathaway and Mikhail Tanner. They couldn't even stop me when I burst through his door. All they did was follow. I went straight to him and he says "Princess? What are you doing here?" But I kept walking straight towards him and kept going until he hit a wall. And with all the strength I posses and could muster up I pulled my hand back and with the speed of light I slapped him.

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