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Pen Your Pride

Ok so I know I usually don't upload on Sundays but I have been getting comments saying upload soon and stuff and I didn't want you guy's to wait long. So here it is I hope you guy's enjoy. Comment if you have any questions or concerns of what a word means I'LL be glad to help!! this is dedicated to HipstaPleeeease because she came up with the title name and she's a pretty good person!!!!!! ENJOY


                                                          Zoey's *P.O.V*


      "So what movie first?" I asked. By this time everyone was up and pretty pumped about our ideas for the day. First we would watch a couple of movies and go to the pool for a while then come back relax and watch more movies. Pretty simple.

      "How about Toy Story 3?"Liam asked while getting up and searching for the movie.

       "Sure. I'll get the popcorn! and candy!!"I yelled and Niall laughed.

       "Is there something wrong Horan?"I asked him and he immediately stopped and I shock my head.

       "No ma'am. Just thinking about something" Niall played along and I smiled remembering our little candy party. I walked to our room and grabbed a bag of candy. I then walked out and into the kitchen.

      "BOOOO!" I  nearly jumped a mile and rolled my eye's as I seen who the creeper was. Louis.

      "WOW. Louis very mature like" I rolled my eye's again and smiled.

      "Need a hand" he asked me and I nodded.

       "You get the pop corn ready and I'll get the bowl of candy. And Lou please don't burn it. Just pressed the popcorn button and that should do it." I said and Lou mimicked but I know he was listening. I walked over to the top cabinets and found the biggest bowl and poured all the candy in.

      "Where did you did you get all of that??" Louis asked in shock.

      "Whenever i'm on my 'girly thing' as you would say I by lots of candy because I crave alot." I said and Louis simply nodded and smiled.

       "I'll be back. DON'T burn the popcorn" I said as I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room where the boy's where all laughing at Zayn.

       "Here's the candy. Don't eat any until the movies starts. Understand?" I said in a playful stern voice.

       "Yes mom" Harry whined playing along. I rolled my eye's and walked back to the kitchen and saw Louis eating a carrot and I shock my head.

       "Popcorn's almost done." Louis said with a mouthful of carrot.

       "O.k when it's done put it in a bowl and bring it in the living room." I instructed and Lou nodded his head. I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room to find Harry stuffing his face with a kit kat.

       "Harry Styles. Didn't I tell you not to eat the candy." I sighed and took my seat in between Zayn and Liam.

      "Well i'm Harry Styles so I get special treatment." Harry said and flipped his beautiful brown curls.

      "And i'm Zoey Tomlinson. There's not really a difference. And yes you do get special treatment but not in the way that you think." I replied and the room burst out into fits of laughter even Harry was laughing and I was talking about him.

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