A Wannabe Assassin: Chapter 7

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Joey was sprawled on his beanie bag, half asleep. He had spent the whole night thinking about what he was going to do. To the side, was a half eaten apple, a red bull, and a few crumbs of chips.

The door bell rang, and Joey immediately sat up, wiping the drool on the side of his mouth. It was at six o clock in the morning. Wondering who was at the door so early, he got up and headed to the door.

No one was around. Joey circled the house, but found no sign of a living presence. Sighing at the prank, he was about to cross the threshold, but spotted a newspaper. The newspaper boy never rings the doorbell. 

He shrugged, and picked up the newspaper. It appeared normal. He made himself a little breakfast, and starting read it. When he came to the middle, he spotted an article marked in a red pen. There was a tiny note beside it.

Read this article. This is your ONLY chance. - Harisson

Awestruck, he started reading it. It was about a lady who had a huge loss of blood. It didn't interest him much until he read the last line.

Woman rumored to be wife of Markett Briggs.

Joey dropped the paper. The devil was DEFINITELY on his side, if not God. Gobbling up his cereal, he dug for his black hoodie, and headed outside. 

It was quite chilly, as compared to the previous day. He took cellotape with him. 

Jogging all the way to the hospital, Joey felt he had really good exercise. Every where in Salt Lake city, everything was walkable distance. It was for this reason, Joey was still very lean.

The building seemed deserted. There wasn't much activity that day. It was Friday, and early morning. The hospital looked like a church, except it was painted in red. The tip however wasn't fixed with a cross. It was quite square in shape. Joey remembered his grandmother telling him when he was small, that that part of the hospital was reserved for celebrities. It had the biggest room there, and the people admitted there were usually left alone and never disturbed.

Taking a wild guess, Joey headed inside. The floor was made of marble, and there were two staircases and one elevator. Deciding to take the staircase, in order to avoid suspicions, he climbed four stories before he reached the top floor.

Now, Joey had NEVER been to the fourth floor before. Imagine his surprise when he saw that it was a ballroom. Or a ballroom with a patient's bed right in the middle. Right underneath the chandelier.

It took Joey a few seconds to remember that he needed to wear a nurse uniform. Outside the room, there was a closet which said, nurses only. Although this hospital had a room just for celebs, it wasn't the best when it came to security.

With no problem, Joey slipped into the room. Not surprisingly, no one was there. He easily changed into a nurse's costume, and entered the hospital ward.

A man wearing a black outfit, with a hood, was spotted inserting a liquid into the woman's arms. There was cellotape around her mouth.

"What are you doing," Joey asked.

The man whipped his head to the door and looked frightened for a second. Joey couldn't recognize him cause he had a scarf covering his nose, mouth and forehead. In a beat, the man dashed out of the door, leaving a frightened and flailing woman in his care.

The woman tried to shout for help. Joey realized that the woman mistook him for a nurse, and was laughing inwardly. Someone had done the job for him. Now all he needed, was credit. But before that...

Joey walked up to the woman, and untaped her. 

"Which injection did he input," he asked her in a professional tone.

The lady pointed to the injection bottle which was the furthest away from her. Taking the bottle next to it, Joey soothed the lady and told her he was going to make her feel better.

He held the woman calmly, and injected it into her, after wearing his gloves. The woman slowly calmed down, her thrashing reducing, and her eye lids drooping. 

Suddenly, she went limpid.

Joey started doing a bogey dance. He cheered and clapped for about ten minutes, before he had the common sense to take a picture.

Grabbing his phone out, Joey clicked the picture, inclduing the injection bottle.

No sooner the flash went off than Markett burst into the room, panting.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING," he shouted.

"Relax relax, I've saved your wife. You need to calm down." Joey said, without blinking an eye. "I'll send the doctor in, but right now she is fine."

Joey was about to walk out of the room, when Markett said, "You look familiar. Where have I seen you before?"

"I'm a nurse. It's not a big deal." Joey said, and walked out.

Joey changed out of his uniform and stealthily escaped the hospital. No one suspected anything, and he skipped all the way home, gaining weird looks from everyone.

On the way home, he stopped at a photoshop center, and had it printed. He failed to notice the shopkeeper giving him weird looks. 

Joey mailed the photos to the agency, and slept long and hard. At around eight in the night, he decided to go out to celebrate. 

Three things happened simulataneously at the point.

The photo shopkeeper phoned someone.

Joey was being stalked by someone.

The woman opened her eyes.  

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