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"of course, thomas! i'll make sure you'll not get a new roommate again!" mistress jane looked sincerely apologetic, and she turned to glare at john and alexander, then walked off.

"thanks, jefferson," john said, trying his hardest not to glare back at the boy who was now glaring at him.

"just stay out of my room. you both." he stalked off, and john turned to alexander for a high-five, finding alexander gone.

john looked around, seeing him running after thomas.

"alex!" he called, starting after the boy, hoping he wasn't going to do what he thought.

alexander started to run faster, lifting a fist, and he swung, but missed, because he fell onto his back.

he turned over, and there was john, next to him, breathing heavily.

"what the heck, alex?" john panted, and alexander shrugged.

"i don't like bullies." he simply said, and john slapped his palm to his forehead.

"you don't understand. he's the golden boy. he gets hurt, we're done for."

"but why?" alexander questioned. "why is that?"

"i don't know. i just know that mistress jane loves that boy so much more she's considering adopting him, even though he's fifteen, like angelica."

"a spoiled, bratty pair." alexander giggled, and john smiled. his giggle was adorable.

"indeed." john laughed alongside him, and they laughed on the floor until they heard a familiar laugh join them.

"what are you two doing?" eliza questioned, smiling down at them. in response, john grabbed her wrist and pulled her down next to him. she made an indignant noise.

"what on earth, john?" she whined, prying his hand off her wrist, and she began to giggle as well, when john noticed alexander wasn't by his side anymore.

at that moment, a pillow hit him in the face.

he sat up, looking for the perpetrator, and saw alexander, on the couch, grinning.

"oh, it's on!" john yelled, pushing himself up off the wood floors, and running after alexander with  a pillow.

the smaller boy's face turned slack with fear as john, who was a good six inches taller than him, ran at him. not knowing what else to do, he spun on his heel and ran for his life.

sure enough, john caught up to him, and whacked him across the back with the pillow.

alexander fell to the ground, which knocked the air out of him. he grabbed a stray white feather that had come from the pillow and waved it in the air while he struggled to inhale.

"oh my god, alex, are you alright?" john asked, kneeling next to alexander.

alexander, having regained his breath, feigned death.

john caught on quickly. "alexander! no! what have i done!" he cried, swooning and landing next to alexander.

they made eye contact, and burst out laughing.

another female laugh joined them.

"so weird.." angelica giggled.

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