Take Me Away...

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Take me away,

I have no purpose,

I lost my soul,

I lost my heart,

I lost everyone,

I lost myself.

Take me away,

I don't deserve to live,

I am empty,

Cold blooded,


Who feeds off of pain,

Everyone's pain.

Take me away,

I don't know how to love,

I don't care to,

Don't touch me,

I don't want you're pity,

I'm done.

Take me away,

Let me die,

I care enough for people,

To know I don't belong,

To give them a world with out me,


Let me go.

You say you care?

You want to go?

For other people?

You have hope,

You have a life,

You are young,

You don't deserve to die,

You deserve a chance.

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