Chapter-39 "on The WAY"

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A few hours later, George took off to fetch some berries. I offered to stay back.

As soon as George left, I decided to go back to palace.

The only problem was,.
I didn't had a clue where the palace was.

We were in the middle of the forest. We've been shifting our hiding place time to time and I left keeping track.

But I decided to leave no matter what. So I took whatever seemed necessary which was the same bottle of blood which luckily was filled .

I took some berries I fetched the day before and stuffed it all in George's duffel bag.

I took the bag and started my journey towards the palace.

As per my observation the palace is supposed to be on the left side from our current hiding. So I headed left, or where I thought left was.

I was walking slowly because I wanted to save my energy for the long journey ahead.

I passed many narrow paths and thorny shrubs. My t-shirt was torn apart badly and was barely covering my skin. I was running out of energy.

After what seemed like hours I stopped for a break and sat under a tree. It was quiet.
Eerily quite.
The cold wind was brushing against my naked skin and was giving me shivers.
I hugged myself tightly and opened the duffel bag, took a sip from the bottle and kept it inside.

As I was sitting there, I thought why was I even doing this?
After everything leo had done to me why can't I just forget him and move ahead in my life.

Why did I cared so much for him to risk my last chance of escape?

All these thoughts were hurting my head so I decided to rest a lil.

After uncomfortably shifting for half-hour I finally dozed off.

I woke up after a while. Maybe it was the first time in my life that I had took an actual nap.


Anyways, as soon as I woke up I continued my journey because I didn't had time to waste. Quickly I picked up my duffel bag and started walking. After half an hour my head started hurting really bad and I felt like l was about to faint anytime.


But I kept walking. After an hour or so  my head started hurting really bad. The pain was unbearable.

I sat down, placed the duffle bag next to me and took deep breaths.

I opened the bag and took out the bottle.
With one big gulp I emptied the whole bottle. Slowly the pain subsided and I felt much much better.

I started panicking by now because I just drank all the blood and now I didn't had any other source of energy left.

I cleared my head and continued my journey.


It had been quite a lot of time since I had been walking and I hadn't drank blood in days.

I was surviving on the wild berries which luckily I found in abundance in  the forest. It was the only thing that kept me going all these days.

As I was walking I heard a low growl behind me. I tried to ignore it and fastened my pace.

Whatever it was seemed to chase me, I was scared, really scared so I started running.

I ran a few miles but then I stumbled on a rock and fell down. (yeah I'm clumsy no need to point that out).

I heard rustling of leaves behind me so I quickly hid behind the bushes.

I covered my mouth with my hand to prevent the thing that was following me to hear my fast and uneven breaths.

I peeked through the bushes and saw a savage looking beast awaiting me.
I couldn't tell what kind of animal it was. It looked somewhat like an mix of a wolf and a coyote, making it look even more dangerous than It already was, scaring the hell out of me.

A small gasp escaped my lips which the beast clearly noticed

Damnit lisa! Way to go!

I mentally cursed myself, and moved slowly and steadily.

Then the animal did an unexpected move, it suddenly pounced on me.

I felt something inside me. I felt stronger and fierce full. Without thinking twice I pushed the animal off of me and surprisingly the beast was thrown back by my powerful blow.

My mouth was wide open, I couldn't believe what I just did.
Me, the girl who can't even kill a mosquito pushed a savage beast away.


The animal landed with a thud and stood back up again in no time. With a fierce full growl he ran towards me.

I spotted a pointed piece of wood and picked it up.

As the beast pounced on me once again I stabbed the wood into it's gut.

The beast fell down to the ground with a thud. Growling in pain and agony as the animal inside me woke up once again and I stabbed the beast till it moved no more.

Finally the beast was dead, the smell of it's blood started making me go crazy, and before I knew I was sitting their drinking it's blood like I'll never drink again.

After my stomach was full, I panicked once again and ran away as far as I could.

I ran with an unbelievable speed and in no time I was far away from the dead animal.

I stopped to catch my breath, and what I saw left my eyes wide open.


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It look something like this 👇

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