Day 2: Doctor (Zron)

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Dom - Nick
Sub - Jon
I still suck at writing. Hope you enjoy anyways. Plz request stuff. I like requests. (Sometimes)
Btw Nick is a doctor in this because why the fuck not.

Nick's POV

I open the door to my house, tired from a long day of work. I'm a doctor so I have to help people. Most of the people I had today were idiots since they seriously couldn't tell that their child was sick?! And they still sent those poor kids to school spreading more sickness! What idiots!

While thinking about the day, I accidentally slam the door shut. I walk over to the couch in my living room and plop down on it. I close my eyes and try to relax. I feel something warm cuddle next to me and give me a kiss on the cheek. I open my eyes and look at the cutest person ever, my husband, Jon.

"Have a tough day at work?" He asks me while I wrap my arms around him. I nod at his question and pull him onto my lap. I nuzzle my face in his hair and breathe in his scent. He smells like peonies. (Peonies are flowers btw)

He giggles a bit and wraps his arms around my neck. "You're being very affectionate today~!" He says and kisses my cheek again.

"I'm always affectionate towards you!" I huff. It's true that I'm usually affectionate. What makes today so different?

"I know~! I'm just messing with ya!" He says and kisses me on the lips, finally.

I kiss him back with a lot of passion. I feel him grind on my crotch. I groan into our kiss. He just declared war. If he wants to play dirty, I can play even dirtier.

((Why did it feel weird to type that?))

I take one of my arms that was holding Jon and slip my hand up his shirt. My thumb and pointer finger take hold of his left nipple and plays with it. He starts moaning into our kiss, so I take the opportunity to slip my tongue in his mouth.

Our tongues fight dominance. I, obviously, won. My tongue explores my new territory, while my cute lover keeps making sounds of pleasure.

I pull away from our kiss, a string of saliva attached to our lips. I ignore the saliva and bring my lips to my lover's neck. I start kissing places on his neck to see if I can find his sweet spot. While I kiss his neck, I have hand leave his left nipple and move to the right one to play with that one. I find a spot on his neck that makes him buck his hips on my crotch. I bite down on the spot very hard.

"Aah~! N-Nick~!" He moans. It makes me want more, but me being me, I stop. I take my hand out of his shirt and I take my lips away from his neck.

He pants and looks at me like he's waiting for me to continue. I smile at him and kiss his head. I lift him off of me and put him on the couch. I get up and go to the kitchen. As I leave the living room, I hear him huff and groan in displeasure that I left him.


I go to our bedroom to change and go to sleep. When I get there, I see Jon sitting on the bed. I smile at him and go to kiss him. He pushes me away and huffs. I stare in confusion, but think nothing of it. I change into sweatpants, because shirts are for losers.

I sit on the bed to only be pushed off by Jon. "Is there something wrong?" I ask him as I get off the floor.

"You're sleeping on the couch," he tells me.

"What?! Why?!" I exclaim. I like sleeping with him. Why is he upset with me?!

"You know why!" He shouts. He seems incredibly upset with me.

I form a plan in my mind. "Well, do you have an appointment?" I ask him while putting on my doctor uniform.

He looks at me confused and then notices that I'm putting my uniform on. He quickly starts nodding. We both know where this is going.

I finish putting my clothes on and go to the bed. I push Jon down onto it and I get on top of him.

"What do you want me to 'check' first?" I ask him.

"U-uh..... Chest down to waist...." He responds shyly.

I only take his shirt of and bring my lips to his right nipple. I start sucking it and I bring my right hand to his left nipple. My fingers start to play with that nipple and he starts moaning. His arches off the bed towards me, which only makes me smirk even more.

I see him grab the bed sheets and bite his lips. I don't mind him grabbing the sheets, but he isn't keeping his cute sounds away from me. I pull my lips away from his right nipple and bring my left hand to play with it. I bring my lips to his sweet spot and start biting it again.

His sounds of pleasure being drawn out by this. I do this for a minute and pull away. "Anything else I should check?" I ask him.

"....Legs down...." He answers. I happily pull off his pants. My left hand grabs his clothed dick. He gasps in pleasure and puts his right hand over his mouth. My right hand pulls his hand away.

"Don't do that. I can't see your proper reaction if you do," I tell him. He nods and goes back to making beautiful sounds of pleasure.

"Should I do a more detailed examination?" I ask him, my left hand ready to pull his boxers down. He quickly nods and I take off his boxers.

His dick springs up, wanting attention. I smirk and bring my lips to the tip of his dick. He notices what I'm doing a blushes bright red. I open my mouth and take the tip in and start sucking on it. He throws his head back in pleasure and moans loudly. I slowly start taking all of it in until everything is in my mouth. I, happily, suck on it while watching him be in pure bliss.

"N-Nick~! P-Please.... Just fuck m-me already!" He exclaims.

I, being the handsome devil I am, decide not to listen to him and keep sucking.

After a minute I hear him say he's about to cum. That's when I pull away. He looks down at me, glaring and panting.

I sit up straight and take off all my clothes. Once I take of my boxers my dick springs up, ready to please my cute lover. I put on a reasonable amount of lube, that was on the nightstand.

I get on my lover and he wraps his legs around my waist, giving me better entry to his entrance. I line my dick up to his entrance and slowly put it in. He moans and squirms in pleasure.

I slam the rest of it in, since it won't hurt him. We've done this many many many many times. He's used to my dick now. I start pounding into my lover as I groan in pleasure.

He's gripping onto the sheet tightly while screaming in pleasure. I lean down and start kissing him. Since he's moaning so much, I just easily slip my tongue in his mouth. My dick slams into his sweet spot and he screeches in pleasure. I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors complained and we get evicted.

I pull away from our nice kiss and focus on slamming into his sweet spot. "I-I'm gu-gunna cum-cum!" He screeches as he cums on our chests. A few seconds later, I cum in him.

I lay next to him not taking my dick out, cuz I don't want to. I wrap my arms around my very exhausted, cute lover. I kiss his forehead as we both drift off to sleep.


Sorry about how bad this was. I do honestly try, but I suck at writing anything. Anyways I hoped you enjoyed for some reason. Don't forget to leave requests! Have a fantabulous day! Bai~!

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