Car Wreck

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Hi my beauty's. Today im just going to tell you everything that happened the other day. So my mom, sister, and me was in the car and we were on the way to Sonic and i wanted a blt with tots and a rootbeer float. On the way there the brakes didn't work fast enough and we had to go right against the guard rail and knocked the passenger side mirror off of our car. We had to pry the door open to be able to let Jada, my sister, out of the car. We ended up having to change a tire after. Anyway the brakes seemed to work fine so we continued on to Sonic.

That's where we made a mistake. After we ate we started to head home. I was watching Youtube and was enjoying my float until suddenly I felt the sensation of being weightless, then something hit my head but not that hard, and the we stopped. According to my mom she saw the red light and the brakes failed. The car that had the green light hit us in the front side of the car. We swerved off the road and hit the light post and completely destroyed it. The top of the light post put a big dent on the top of the car. Everone is okay so there is no need to worry. Well thats about it. Bye

Hey my beautiful demons. Sorry that I haven't been keeping you updated. I hav been busy with TCAPs coming up, or as I like to call it" Torchering Children At Public Schools". (Cant spell worth shit) Well that's all. Until next time. Bye my glorious demons.


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