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Pen Your Pride

Your at your best friend Harry's house. You haven't seen him in a while so you decided to meet up with him.

Once you arrived at his house, You both sat on the couch and wouldn't stop talking. Whenever you were with Harry, there was never a moment of awkward silence. every so often you would catch him staring at you. It was strange but you ignored it.

Your phone is buzzing in your pocket, you exuse yourself and answer. it's your boyfriend.

This is the first time he called since the big fight the both of you had. Harry was awkwardly sitting on the couch trying to give you your space.

Then after what felt like forever, your boyfriend got to the point: "so... sorry. But we're through. I can't be with you anymore." and the line cut. You slowly put your phone back in your pocket, while in complete shock.

"What's wrong?" Harry asks, putting a hand on your shoulder. You start crying and Harry pulls you towards him and rubs your back in a comforting way. His safe arms are shielding you from the world around you. harry made you feel so comfortable, he was your Closest friend.

You finished crying, so you sat up and rubbed your eyes. You told him about the breakup and the whole time he didn't dare say a word. He listened to whatever you had to say, without a complaint. his eyebrows were pulled together, as if he was concentrating on every word you were saying. He really did care. "And... he just hung up" you finished, holding back tears.

"That prick!" Harry yelled, glaring at the ground. You have never seen him so mad in your life. "Harry it's okay..." you mumble. Harry's head whipped up and he looked right at

You, his eyes focused on yours. "No it's not! He doesn't realize what he just lost! He lost the most beautiful girl in the world who any guy would be lucky to have! Damn him! He was lucky enough to have you in the first place."

Just looking into Harry's green eye's you could tell just how upset he was. "Harry you really are an amazing friend. thank you." you say rubbing his leg in a comforting way. "I wish I was more..." he mumbled turning away. " Harry?" you say, grabbing his hand and squeezing it. "What?" he spat, turning to face you. "I love you." you whisper.

His eyes soften as he looks at you. "I love you too" he responds, leaning down for a kiss.

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