Chapter 28

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Disclaimer: I'm NOT a Docter😂 I've kinda made this up cause yeahhh. So don't hate 😂

I'm here for three hours, three long rough hours. Perrie is laying next to me, in a hospital bed with her eyes closed. The Docter walked in not looking that happy. "And?" I asked nervous. "It looks like she's going to be totally fine" he said. "We think the cause of her passing out is a low blood pressure. But we have medicine for that." He told me. I sighed in relief.

"But there is something wrong" The Docter paused. I looked confused at him. "Im very sorry to say but" the Docter paused again. "She lost the baby" the Docter said. I looked up shocked "what did you just say?" "The baby didn't make it, that's one of the reasons why she passed out" the Docter said. I stood up "she was pregnant?" I asked shocked. "didn't you know?" "No, no I didn't" "I'm very sorry for you" "what but how?" I asked him. "The baby wasn't grown yet it was still a cell, but she was pregnant maybe a week or a couple of days." The Docter said. "She couldn't do anything about it, it was the body who thought it wasn't good so it got rid of it. That's why she got a low blood pressure and past out" "okay thank you" I said. He gave me a nod and walked out the room.

I sat on the chair. Waiting for her to wake up. I looked at her, this night should've been perfect. I put my hard in my hands.
We lost our baby! Fracking god dammit! I said in my head Gosh please wake up! I thought to myself. "Pez, please wake up I just want to give you a hug. I want to be there for you. I want you to be there for me" I said grabbing her hand, I felt a tear dripping down my face. I closed my eyes. I felt her gripping my hand, I looked up and saw her opening her eyes. She got up but I pushed her slightly down again. "Hey take it easy" I said.

She looked around and realized she was in a hospital, she relaxed a bit. "Did you cry?" She asked me. I looked at her, "pez" I let out another tear. "What?" She asked. "We've lost our child" I said trying not to bawl my eyes out. She looked at me. "No, no! I wasn't pregnant!" She said. "No perrie you were, not long." She started tearing up. "Alex I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry" she started to cry. "Please forgive me, please!" She begged me. " Hey shhh it's okay it's not you're fault!" I said moving so that I was sitting on the bed. I carefully pulled her on my lap. She put her head on my chest and I rubbed her arm. We stayed like that for awhile before the doctors walked back in. They asked perrie a couple of questions and after that left again. They told us that perrie could go home.

We went home and the whole drive back home was quiet, as we walked in the house I saw my jacket hanging. I couldn't propose to her now not even over a week, "Alex?" Perrie called with a crack in her voice. "Yeah?" "I'm sorry" she started crying again. My heart broke, seeing her like this was my worst nightmare. I walked up to her and gave her a big hug. "The Docter said that it was better like this, it would've probably be sick when it was born. Maybe die when you gave birth. Or it would've past away not long after that" I told her. "And then it would've had pain, and you would too" I added. "I know it's better like this, it's just hard" she said. "I know, but you have no reason of apologizing to me." I said. "Thank you for being the best boyfriend in the entire world" she told me. I smiled, it could've been different I thought to myself but I couldn't be happier that perrie is okay.

"You're tired?" I asked as perrie yawned. She nodded. "Okay let's get to bed it was a long day" I said. She tried standing up but I stopped her. I picked her up in bridal style and carried her upstairs.

I lost our baby, that's the only thing that crossed my mind since. I know it is better that it happens cause the baby wouldn't have survived but still, the thought of that there was a baby or an cell inside of me makes me wanna cry. I didn't even have an change to find out, or to tell Alex. I feel so bad for him, the only thing he does is trying to reason me that it's better like this. But I know he also tried to reason himself, I mean it was his child too. I started to get tired and yawned. He picked me up and carried me upstairs, I love it when he does that. I just love him. I really hope that we can have a baby ourselves one day. I know that day is conning, I just do.

Ok wow this sucks I thought this would've been way better, let's just pretend they where wayyyyy sadder than this 😅
Much lovee.

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