3 | Jordan

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She knew that Mary wasn't Landon's biggest fan, but she could at least act like he didn't make her sick. Of course, it was difficult for Mary to hide anything from her two best friends and closest minions, and Jordan knew that.

She knew every one of Mary's secrets—except for her biggest one.

Of course, Jordan would never dare to reveal any of those secrets, since Mary Hadden was the sole reason that Jordan had any sort of reputation at Barnum Prep. Most younger siblings followed in the footsteps of their older siblings when it came to their popularity, and following on the same path as her older brother was the absolute last thing Jordan wanted. Neil Conrad had been a vandal and an embarrassment for a brother. Mary Hadden had saved Jordan from social suicide and following in her loser brother's footsteps.

It was terrible to think that of her brother who was no longer around to contest the things his younger sister thought of him, but Jordan had never been one to care much about what was right or wrong for her to think or say—she was more used to repeating what Mary said, and the queen bee was an incredibly cruel dictator.

Jordan could tell that Landon was approaching the three girls at their lockers from the expression on Mary's face as she glared behind her posse. Jordan was about to turn around when she felt her boyfriend hug her from behind and she spun around to see him.

"Landon!" Jordan swooned, grinning up at the 6'4" newly-crowned varsity basketball team captain, "I've missed you!"

"I missed you too, baby." Landon pouted as he leaned down and gave her a kiss. "How's everything going? How are you holding up?"

"Oh, I'm perfectly fine." Jordan nodded, refusing to show any sort of emotion—which equated to weakness—in front of Mary. "Just annoyed that we have to start school today. I mean, isn't senior year just a joke anyways?"

Landon laughed.

"I mean, I think so. That's what everyone tells me." He looked over at Mary, who was actively ignoring him. "Hey there, Hadden. How was your summer?"

"Well, my brother died and I pretty much didn't get any of my vacations, so thanks for bringing that up." Mary snapped. "How was your summer, Landon?"

Landon raised his eyebrows.

"I didn't realize that your brother's death and your lack of vacations were on the same level of tragedy, Mary."

Mary's head whipped around to glare at Jordan, her eyes clearly telling the latter to get rid of her boyfriend before Mary got rid of him permanently. Jordan sighed and turned to Landon, who was looking at Mary with a sort of smug superiority.

"I'll see you at lunch, alright babe?" Jordan squeezed his hand and nodded towards the other end of the hallway, making it clear that he should walk down that way. "I love you."

Landon leaned down and gave her a quick kiss before turning around.

"I love you too, babe. Later, Hadden."

Jordan turned back to Mary as he walked away, unsure of whether she should expect an apology from the queen bee or apologize herself.

"Well?" Mary asked, her eyebrows raised as her and Kate stared at Jordan expectantly.

Apparently an apology was expected from Jordan.

"I'm sorry about Landon." She muttered, reminding herself that it would be an incredibly stupid move to have Mary Hadden angry with her on the first day of senior year. "He doesn't seem to know how to behave around people who have suffered a loss."

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