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"What if I told you that you take up most of the space in my brain?"


The whole day I was keeping my distance from him, but still letting him know I was appreciative for all of the things he was doing for me.

He made me food, he joked with me, and, I hated to admit it but, my feelings for him were becoming more and more jumbled.

The way he looked at me and tried to be so gentle with me when it came to moving some things out of my car.

I told him what Jacky and I planned to do with it, and he agreed.

"I'm proud of you, you know," he said, his golden eyes looking up at me.

He squinted a little in the sunlight and his boxy smile sent me butterflies.

I slid him a little smirk his way, laughing a little bit at the way he walked toward me. He gently pushed me against the closed trunk of my car, his hands touching both sides of my waist.

I was not used to gentle affection like this, but I wasn't going to stop the moment from happening, even though it just made me even more confused on how I felt about him.

If I was going to live with him for the time being, I couldn't avoid him forever, no matter how awkward things may get between us.

He picked me up by my waist and sat me on the back of my car, his fit body standing in between my legs.

I swallowed hard as his face was close to mine.

His smile never fell from his face as he looked at me happily.

His fingers traced my skin just above the waistband of my shorts, and my whole body felt like it just woke up from a deep slumber.

What was the matter with me?

I remembered to cover the wounded parts of my body with extra makeup, so for the most part, I looked pretty normal, and was starting to feel like myself.

How was he able to make me feel like that, when that part of me has been missing for over a couple years?

Before he could lean in and claim my lips against his, the sound of a car honk beeped behind him.

We both looked back and noticed a smiling man sitting in the driver's seat with my best friend sitting in the passenger seat.

In excitement, I quickly got down from the back of the car and ran my way to Jacklyn as she got out of the vehicle.

As soon as we enclosed each other in a tight hug, we both immediately started crying into each other's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry," I whimpered.

She gave me a shaky laugh and shook her head, her face still nuzzled into my hair.

"I'm just glad you're becoming strong enough to handle all of this the way you are."

We both pulled away, straightening ourselves up as we laughed at our being ridiculous.

I turned and met another pair of brown eyes, about the same height as his.

His hair was a light brown, but his face seemed much more baby like and rounder. His hair covered his forehead and was cut evenly at all sides.

He smiled at me as I came closer, reminding me of a rabbit.

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