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Sorry, I know this one is short!

I woke up the next morning next to a beautiful, dark- haired boy. He kissed the top of my head and I smiled, burying myself further into his chest. “Morning, beautiful.”

“I don’t want it to be morning yet,” I grumbled.

Zayn laughed and twirled my hair with the hand that wasn’t wrapped around my body. “Me neither. But we’ve got to get up soon. It’s already eight o’clock.”

“Spend the day in bed with me,” I murmured. I traced a design across his chest, slowly making my way downward.

Zayn snatched my hand and rolled so he was on top of me, keeping his weight on his forearms. “Dangerous, dangerous girl,” he chuckled. He gave me a brief but passionate kiss before pushing himself out of bed. “Shall we order breakfast?” He asked, pulling on his jeans over his Incredible Hulk boxers.

I nodded. “I’m going to hop in the shower. Care to join me?” I suggested, forcing myself to leave the comfort of the blankets.

“You over estimate my self control,” he replied, punching the room service button on the phone.

“No. You underestimate how good you look naked,” I shot back, running a finger over his still bare chest.

He shook his head and mouthed dangerous before ordering food from the kitchen. “Should be here in twenty minutes. Go get in the shower before I lose it again.”

I pressed my body against his. “Maybe I want you to lose it again,” I purred into his ear before wandering into the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and hopped in, letting the warm water wash away all my just-had-sex grunginess. I groaned, looking at my reflection in the glass door. My neck was absolutely covered with little purple hickeys. It would be nearly impossible to cover them all up. I could imagine the verbal abuse Louis would put me through when he saw me later tonight.

I got out after about fifteen minutes and quickly pulled my hair into a braid. I dug around in my toiletry kit and threw on mascara and some lip-gloss. Zayn had never seen me without makeup and I was not about to let him do so now. I threw on the bathrobe on the back of the door, not wanting to emerge naked. I exited the bathroom just as the food was arriving. Either the waiter didn’t recognize him, or didn’t say anything because he slipped quietly out after Zayn gave him a generous tip.

“You ordered enough food for an army!” I laughed, sitting on the chair across from him.

“I’m used to eating with four other teenage boys. And one of them is Niall…” he offered as means of explanation.

My phone buzzed and I glanced at it. “Paul says I have to come to rehearsal today. Should I call Andrew to give me a ride?”

Zayn shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll drive you. But we need to eat up because we’ve got to be there in forty minutes.”

I ate a serving of eggs and some fruit before wandering over to my suitcase to dig up something to wear. I felt rather than saw Zayn come up to stand behind me. “You’re living out of your suitcase,” he muttered, wrapping his arms around me in a sort of backward hug.

“We leave in a week and a half. I didn’t see much point in unpacking,” I shrugged. I wandered into the bathroom again and pulled on a matching bra and panties set. Both were neon yellow, causing Zayn to laugh out loud when I came back into the main room.

“What can you possibly wear with those?” He asked, shaking his head to himself.

I pulled on a black mini-dress with long sleeves. The fabric clung to my body, showing every curve I had. “This,” I laughed back, watching his eyes bug out just a little bit. I pulled on some black suede, four-inch-heel ankle boots and intertwined my hand with his. “Shall we be off then?”

Zayn just stared at me. “I changed my mind. I’m going to skip rehearsal and stay here with you. That outfit, Gemma…”

“Oh no! You have you to go rehearsal! If you skip the boys will get mad at me, and I’ll get fired,” I said quickly.

“I won’t allow it!” He replied defiantly.

“I’m not letting my boyfriend keep me from going to work,” I said.

His face broke into a breath- taking smile. “I like hearing you say that.”

I rolled my eyes. “Let’s go lover- boy. I don’t want to be late.”

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