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Andrew drove me to a sporting goods store where I picked out a letterman jacket and sweater for Zayn. I quickly picked out a dozen or so patches, deciding he could choose what to put on the sleeves. After I had the jacket and sweater, Andrew drove me to a store where I could get a sewing machine, and some thread and needles.

As we drove back to my hotel, I realized that I had forgotten to ask Harry to sign the picture for Hannah. I pulled out my phone and sent him a quick text. 

Gemma Carlisle: Want to make me the coolest sister in the world?

Hazza Styles: Impossible. I have the coolest sister in the world.

Gemma Carlisle: Second coolest then

Hazza Styles: Sure, what do you need?

Gemma Carlisle: Will you sign a picture of yourself for my little sister?

Hazza Styles: Of course. What’s her name?

Gemma Carlisle: Hannah. Thank you so much!

Hazza Styles: I’ll bring it to rehearsal tomorrow. See you then!

Gemma Carlisle: You’re my favorite!

Hazza Styles: Don’t tell Zayn that ;)

Gemma Carlisle: Not like that! BYE Harry! 

When I arrived back in my room, I decided to check Twitter and my e-mail before getting to work with all the sewing I needed to do. I followed a couple dozen random people and sent a Tweet out to Nicole and Charlotte.

PreciousGemma123: Lovely meeting @NicoleLoveeeeesNialler and @TherealCharlotteStyles. #friendlybrits 

Signing out, I logged into e-mail. I smiled when I saw that Hannah had already responded. 

Dear Gemma,

Oh. My. God. Your life is literally so cool. The last day of school went by quickly so I am officially on summer vacation. My finals went pretty well. Got a B- in European History, but other than B+ or higher on all of them. Maybe I can come visit you sometime this summer? I’d love to go to meet the boys. And go to England of course. But mostly I just want to meet Harry. He’s so delicious! How is the wardrobe for the tour coming along? I trust you’re still just as amazing and talented. Speaking of your talent, thanks for sending me a prom dress. My friend and date loved it. Of course, my date liked it even more when it wasn’t on my body ;). Who is this boy you’re dating? More importantly, how can you date other boys when you spend your days around the five best ones in the world? Tell me everything about him. How old is he? What does he look like? What does he do? I NEED details! How are you planning on things “progressing” if you’re about to leave on tour? It’s exactly one month until I get to see you, and I’m so excited!

Love you!


Dear Hannah,

            I know. I’m pretty much living my ultimate dream. I’m glad to hear your finals went so well. I’m so proud of you, little sis! I would love it if you visited me sometime. I’ll talk to my boss and see if he cares (you’d probably have to come on the road with us because I can’t miss work). And, if you promised to keep your cool, I’m sure I could introduce you to the boys. It seems that they rather like me for some reason, probably because I’m the only girl their age that is going on the road with them. I haven’t met them yet, but the members of the actual band (guitar, drums and whatnot) seem youngish and they’re cute too! I went shopping for the clothes today, and when I finish writing this e-mail I’ve got to get to work sewing. Are you dating this prom date of yours? I really hope so otherwise I’m forced to admit that my little sister is a sluuuuu. You’d love this boy. He’s 19 (I know, I’m a cougar). He’s about five nine, which is a little short but I’m only five four so it works out nicely. He’s got tan skin, and at least five tattoos. It’s weird, I usually can’t stand tattoos, but his are so hot. I’ve never been so attracted to a boy. EVER. It helps that he’s also a total gentleman, and an amazing kisser. I’m freaking out inside because I’ve never felt like this around a boy before, but I don’t want to rush in and scare him off. He’s so perfect, Han. I can’t figure out why he’s spending time with me when he could get anyone in the whole world. He’s a part of the One Direction team, so we’re going on this tour together. I know there are at least a few bus rides that are several hours long, so hopefully he and I can get into some shenanigans… Except we’re probably on different busses. But oh well, a girl can dream. I got to meet Eleanor and Danielle too. They’re lovely girls. I hope I can get closer to them since right now my only friends are the boys and these two random girls I met in the mall today. I got Harry to kiss one of them at the book signing. It was absolutely fantastic. He’s a massive flirt (which you probably already knew). But who knows, maybe if you come for a visit I can convince him to give you a smooch too ;) I miss you, and I can’t wait to see you!

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