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Zayn deposited me back at the hotel, leaving me with one final chaste peck on the lips. I wandered back up to my room, my head spinning. I was high on this boy, and I didn’t want to come back down.

            Too worked up to sleep, I pulled open my laptop and scrolled through Twitter. I balked at some of the death threats, but mostly I just smiled at the silly things people were shooting my way. Several hundred people were asking me to follow them, and I willingly clicked the button to do so for a couple dozen.

After reading my mentions for about half an hour I logged off and signed into my e-mail. Most of it was spam as per usual, but I saw one from my sister. 

Dear Gemma,

How are you? I haven’t heard from you in four days now, and I’m starting to go through withdrawal. How’s the new job? I want to hear everything. Are they as hot in person as they are on television? I really hope so. You are all over Twitter. Everyone here keeps asking me about you, but I have to tell them I know nothing. SINCE I KNOW NOTHING! Why were you wearing Zayn’s shirt? He’s so dreamy! You should get all up on dat J (you think I’m joking but I’m not). I saw the picture of him and Niall kissing you. I literally died with envy. You are living my dream and I don’t even know how to handle it. What are they like? Are they nice? They seem so cool during interviews, but are they really like that? I’m going to cry with disappointment if you tell me that they’re not. Can you send me a signed picture of Harry? You know how massive my crush on him is. He’s just so flirty, and adorable, and goddamn hot. Tomorrow is the last day of school. WOOOOOO! I’m so ready to be done with junior year. When is your first break? Are you coming home? By home I mean here, because I miss you terribly. Aunt Sophie and Uncle Charlie send their love. Please reply soon. I miss you so much.



I laughed out loud at her request for a signed photo and began my reply. 

Dear Hannah,

I’m doing well. Sorry I haven’t e-mailed you, but the past few days have been crazy. The job is absolutely amazing. It is everything I could ever want (except for the fact that it keeps me away from my favorite little sister). I promise the boys are just as good looking in person. They are all so nice. They had a webcam set up so they could talk to me the moment I was in the limo from the airport (Limo, I know. AHHH). But, they make fun of me whenever I try a British accent. It’s probably because I’m terrible at it, but they are terrible teases! I’m actually kind of freaking out about the whole Twitter situation. I have over thirty thousand followers now, which is so crazy because I’m not all that interesting. I had to wear Zayn’s shirt because I crashed at their complex last night. Don’t jump to any conclusions (I know your mind is in the gutter). They took me out for a night on the town and then we went back to watch a movie. I fell asleep and when I woke up the next morning there was no time for me to get back to my hotel before rehearsal. I swooned hearing them sing in person. They are absolutely amazing. They actually serenaded me and Claire (their vocal coach), I almost passed out. My first break starts July 2 and ends July 12. I am definitely coming home to see you! It’s timed so perfectly because it means I’ll be home for the 4th of July. I wonder if that’s a sore subject in England considering we were fighting them? Doesn’t really matter because we won! GO AMERICA! I’m so proud of you for making it through junior year, especially because you had to switch schools at the semester. How did your finals go? I tanked pre-calculus when I was in high school, but you’re much smarter than me so I hope it went better. I’ve just started dating a new boy. He’s absolutely perfect for me, and I really hope things progress with him. You’d absolutely adore him, maybe I’ll be able to talk him into coming home with me during the break, but he might want to see his own family. Tell Sophie and Charlie that I love and miss them. I miss you so much Hannah. I can’t wait until my break so I can come home and see you! Have a great last day of school!

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