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I am so sorry guys! I unexpectedly did not have internet for the past six days! I've kept writing though, so I've got a bunch of chapters for you guys! Let me know what you think!

Zayn spent the car ride asking me silly things like what my favorite flower was (roses) and what my favorite flavor of ice cream was (strawberry). He told me about his mother's cooking and how he used to be afraid of the water. In what felt like no time at all, but was in fact forty minutes later, Zayn pulled into a tiny parking lot. 

"Where are we?" I asked, struggling to see in the dark. 

"This is a little spot I discovered a few years ago," he replied, exiting the vehicle. He opened my door for me and offered me his hand. He led me down a hill and I let out a little gasp. The Thames River was in front of us, and beside it was a blanket and basket.

"Zayn, this is beautiful," I spluttered. "How did you find this?"

"A friend of a friend mentioned it," he answered. He guided me towards the blanket and I sat down beside him. He opened the basket and pulled out some chicken along with a salad. He served me some, and poured some wine into plastic cups. 

"Did Harry make this?" I asked, nibbling the salad. 

"No, I did," he said proudly.

"You made this?" I repeated, raising an eyebrow skeptically.

"Well I bought the chicken..." he admitted, "but I made the salad. The dressing is from a bottle, but I mixed it!"

"To your new found cooking skills," I laughed, clinking my cup with his. 

"To a great night, with a great date," he said back. We each took a long sip of wine. "So what's you're family like?"

"It's just me and my sister Hannah. Our parents died two years ago in a car accident," I answered.

"I'm so sorry," Zayn said. "I can't imagine losing my parents. They've done everything for me and my sisters."

"It was really hard," I replied. "But I worry more for my sister. She was only fourteen when it happened. She moved out to L.A. with me and I've tried to take care of her, but I'm her sister not a parent. I worry about her a lot."

"If you're out here with us, what is she doing? I'm assuming you didn't leave a sixteen- year old in Los Angeles by herself."

"She moved back to Minnesota to live with my aunt and uncle. She's back in Minneapolis, which is where we grew up," I replied. "I'm going to fly back and visit her during the first break in the tour." 

"Oh you're from Minnesota, eh?" He said, putting on a terrible Minnesota accent.

"And you say my accent needs work!" I laughed. "I'm a far more convincing Brit than you are Minnesotan." 

"But you've spent more time in Britain than I have in Minnesota," he retorted. 

"I've only been here three days!" I protested.

"I've never set foot in Minnesota," he said, blinking triumphantly. 

"Hannah and her friends were tweeting, trying to make it the wild card city in the Bring 1D to the U.S. challenge," I said. "Clearly it didn't work."

"I'm sure we'll get there eventually," he laughed. "Maybe I'll come with you sometime. You'll see where I grew up when we play in Bradford. It's only fair that I get to see your hometown."

"Are you close with your sisters?" I asked.

He nodded. "My whole family is really close. My mum cries every time I leave home."

"That's sweet," I murmured, thinking of my own mother. "Have you met all the other boys' families?"

"Definitely. We're at each other's houses all the time. I had a mad crush on Gemma Styles when we first got together as a band."

"You've got a think for girls named Gemma don't you?" I giggled.

"So it would seem," he laughed. He noticed that I was rubbing my arms and shrugged out of his jacket. He gently laid it over my shoulder and put his arms around me. "I probably should have told you that we'd be outside."

"I was dressed warmly enough, don't worry. I'm just cold all the time," I said. I nestled into his chest, enjoying his body heat. "But it's fine. You're hot," I added flirtatiously. 

He looked at the river. "No, I'm cool," he said suavely. 

I groaned. "The one- liners are awful."

"You like it," he teased. He kissed the top of my head. Then my forehead, then my cheek, then my neck before finally putting his lips to mine.

Without even realizing that we had moved, I found that we were lying down. Zayn's arms were still around me, keeping me pressed close to his body. I shifted slightly so that I was resting on top of him, not once breaking my contact with his lips. My hands somehow found their way under his shirt, and I traced his barely- there six pack with my finger. It made me feel better that his body wasn't perfect, though it was pretty close. I started inching his shirt up, but he gently stopped me.

"We should stop," he said.

"Why?" I whined.

He laughed. "A few reasons. One, it is in fact cold out here. Two, it's only our first date. Three, if we do anything more I don't trust myself to be able to stop."

"We don't necessarily have to stop," I tempted.

"Dangerous girl," he repeated, still smiling. "But I have an early rehearsal and it's getting late. I should take you home soon." 

"I've never met a boy who says no before," I said incredulously. 

"You can't have met many decent boys then," he replied, sitting up. 

I pushed myself into a seated position as well and helped him pack the food back into the basket. "I haven't," I admitted. "You're not as much of a bad boy as you pretend."

He gave me a look then pounced. He was tickling me all over and I was crying out with laughter. "Take it back," he threatened playfully"

"Never!"  I shrieked. When he had me close to tears I finally caved. "Alright! All right! You're the biggest bad boy I've ever met!"

He nodded approvingly. "Look a shooting star!" He pointed just in time for me to see it. "Make a wish."

I shut my eyes and wished with my whole heart that every night could be like this one. 

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