Chapter 7

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Day : Tuesday
Date : 17/04/18

Hello! Here is the chapter 7 for you guys. I was supposed to publish this chapter yesterday or a day before yesterday but I got busy lately so that's why I didn't have much time for it. But of course, I won't let my story stop without a proper ending. I still have so much more work to do.

I'll make sure that the chapters for this story are more than 20.😝 That is my target.

Anyway..I hope you will enjoy reading this chapter.😊👍


Camellia Waters' POV

Yes, I admit that I was shocked when Ryder pecked my cheek. But what surprising me even more was when I returned one on his too. That's why I ran towards Kira's car as quickly as my leg can as if I can win a marathon.

About the text, well..I had to admit that actually I was waiting for his text. Why? I would like to ask the same question actually since I don't really have any idea to why would I waited for his text. Hm..maybe because his words? I don't know.

Okay, enough about that already. Let's talk about tomorrow. Actually I was beyond happy that he wanted to go out with me tomorrow. I didn't know why I was happy though. I mean..he was my friend right? So that's normal for a friend asked a friend out.

What is this weird feeling inside me when I think of him? I didn't like it a bit. I felt confused.

As for tomorrow, well..actually I should asked my brothers' permission first to go out. Especially when it was a boy. No no. If you think that I've been going out with a boy before then you're wrong. I had never gone out with a boy.

That's not just made my brothers felt relived but also made my friends worried. I was so confused as to why they were so worried about me not getting in any relationship with any boy since they were the one who chased the boys away when they tried to approach me.

Now that we talked about that, I was curious too actually about why did they not chased Ryder away even when we were sitting too close.

From the look of it, they must have been hiding something from me. They know something but did not want to tell me do they? About Adam and Ashton too...

I shook my head furiously to get rid of the thought. This is frustrating.

"Why are you still up?" I heard someone asked.

I turned my head towards the door to see Alex who narrowed his eyes to me.

"I -"

"Don't tell me you're just arrived home. Are you?"

"No! I have been here for an hour already!"

"Really? Then why -"

"Speaking of why..why did you come to my room? Do you need anything?"

"Changing the topic now huh? I'm tired and want to go straight to my room actually. But I saw your light is still on so I wanted to turned it off for you. I did not know that you're still up." he explained with a bored looks on his face.

Who knew my Alex can be like this too.

"Oh. About that..I can't sleep actually. I was thinking about something."

"What is it? I know you ARE thinking about something." he cocked his eyebrow.

I gestured him to come close to me. When he sat in my bed beside me, I asked him.

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