Hurry Up Dee Dee

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oh for the love of god Dee Dee hurry up please hurry up

don't look at me lady nothing to see just standing here ok, i'm shuffle dancing around on this street corner because i've got to pee really bad that's all, just need the bathroom that's the only reason, really really that's really the only reason lady, honest keep moving, keep going, Dee Dee where you at? don't leave me out here keep walking by lady, don't look at me i'm just some girl hopping from one foot to the other watching the traffic zooming by

i'm waiting for my mom my sister my friends my teacher my uncle to come out of this store okay, honest,  just some kid nothing to you, keep moving please please please just keep moving  oh shit oh shit oh crap on a noodle Dee Dee has one of the store clerks caught you? hurry up Dee Dee please

what? what! no no i don't feel well ok? i'm sick, don't feel well Dee Dee just swipe any damn nail polish and get out here i don't feel well i think i'm gonna be sick about this Dee Dee i'm gonna puke right here on the sidewalk in front of all these people it'll all be your fault Dee Dee if i puke all over the sidewalk Dee Dee it'll all be your fault

is that you Dee Dee? looks like you through the store window come on come on girl get out here let's go come on Dee Dee let that be you coming out of that damn store this isn't a shopping spree Dee Dee no don't walk back don't walk back shit oh shit what's gone wrong?  somebody see you drop it in your purse? somebody see you Dee Dee? 

get out here before I run away friend or no i'm going Dee Dee come on i'm almost gone hurry up hurry up hurry up  

just hurry up for the love of god Dee Dee

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