Imani's P.O.V

I opened the door and Diggy walked in wearing a wife beater and grey sweatpants. I smiled when I saw him and pulled him into a warm hug. He wrapped his arms around my waist and immediately I felt him being distant. I pulled away but still held him in my arms. I looked into his eyes, peering into his soul. He was nervous and I could feel it.

"You okay?" I asked placing my hands on his shoulders.

He faked a smile and nodded his head. I shut the door and grabbed his hand.

"Bestfriend?" I said looking into him again.

"Yeah?" he replied rubbings his eyes.

I could feel him getting pissed off by the gentle hold he had on my hand and I decided to drop it.

"You've gotten short since I last saw you" I teased.

A genuine smile spread across his face and he sucked his teeth.

"Whatever. You the one who's only five, one" he teased.

I stuck my tongue out at him and then grabbed his hand.

"Aight we'll make this quick" I said as I drug him into the garage.

Our garage was hardly ever used or looked at, so I asked my mom if I could turn it into a game room. But, then I discovered that the garage was sound proof and that's when the thought of a studio came to mind. And still no one has visited the garage.

Jazzy had the video camera in one hand and the newly printed CD of me singing "Don't Judge Me" by Chris Brown in her hands.

"So what I pictured was it starts out with y'all arguing outside then moves in the house and to your room. Then you and the Diggster sitting in your room on opposite sides of the bed for the first part and then Imani you lay on your bed talking on the phone for the second and the last you guys are standing outside and you two almost kiss" Jazzy explained.

"Woah what?!" Diggy and I said in unison.

"I said almost!" Jazzy yelled starting up the stairs.

I sighed and looked over at Diggy who seemed to be highly uncomfortable.

"It's just acting" he said following Jazzy up the stairs.

I repeated what he said in my head over and over for reassurance. I sat down on the bed and thought for a second as Jazzy began to put the CD in my stereo.

"Umm hold on a sec" I said looking around the room.

I fixed the shades so that the lines from the light slimmed and darkened the room. I removed my posters off of my walls and then removed my lime green shag rug off of the floor. I tossed it outside of my room and shut the door.

"Aight Diggy let's see what you have to wear" I said placing my hands on my hips.

He pulled out a green and black hoodie, a blue and red plaid jacket with a white tee, a red and white Nike tank top, light wash jeans, denim skinnies, red basket ball shorts, red Nikes, brown colored Jordans, his black 6's, two gold chains, a red beanie, and light brown sunglasses. Jazzy and I nodded our heads in approvement and I gave him a thumbs up.

"For the bed part I think the Nike shirt would be perfect, but no hat" I said tossing the outfit to the side.

"For the arguing outside the plaid jacket is perfect" Jazzy said.

I handed the outfit and he took it. He exited the room and I went back to my work.

"And the kissing scene... The green and black hoodie is not needed at all" I added.

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