Not to harm mate, never to harm mate.

I looked back at Annabelle again to see her still in her crouched possession, not calming down.

Fine, but if you hurt her your not come out for a run for a long time.

He just repeated that he wouldn't hurt her and that was enough for me to let him out. I was never a fan of letting my wolf out when I was still in human form, I felt out of control.

As I let my wolf slowly surface I looked at Annabelle through my now golden eyes and she suddenly froze. She regarded me for a second with her head slightly tilted, unsure on how to proceed but when she inched forward and sniffed the air slightly she sprang forward and collided into me.

"Mate" she growled through her canines and tackled me to the ground, rubbing her cheek into my neck as if she couldn't get close enough. My wolf was extremely happy with her reaction to him and started nuzzling her back just as fiercely, trying to get just as close to her as she was to him.

"My mate... so perfect" my wolf growled through my lips and I suddenly because very jealous of how much attention he was getting from Annabelle, how come she never showed me that much affection.

Because mate loves me more my wolf smirked in my head and that little comment pushed me over the edge and I forced him back down so that I was in control.

"Annabelle...Annabelle can you come back to me my little mate?"

I stroked her hair from her face and behind her ear, hoping the action would bring her back to me and when she looked up at me I slowly started to see her eye colour shift from her wolf colour back to her baby blue eyes.

"" Was all she stuttered as she sat herself up from me, realising what position we were in.

"Your wolf came out Annabelle, she was completely in control of you" I explained, saddened at the loss of contact from her as she moved away.

"I...Umm...I'm sorry, I don't know how she..." she said, confused about what had just happened and how it had just happened.

"It's really okay my little mate, great actually, your wolf is getting stronger and stronger everyday so hopefully you will be able to fully shift soon" I explained with a grin on my face. As soon as she shifts she will feel the mate bond and after that I can officially mark her as mine, becoming Luna and my pack with have their Alpha female that they rightfully deserve.

Annabelle just nodded and sat crossed legged from me on the floor.

"Did you want some pizza? It might be a little cold now but that doesn't make it any less amazing. Cold leftover pizza is sometimes just as good as when you first buy it".

She pulled a face at that, obviously not agreeing with me in the slightest and I couldn't help but laugh, "it's true!" I exclaimed.

She just shook her head and reached her hand out indicating she still wanted a slice.

"Hmm I don't know... I mean you just said you didn't like cold pizza and I'm not sure I'm ready to share food with you if you aren't going to enjoy it" I taunted as I dangled a slice just out of her reach.

She reached out to grab it and frowned as I drew it slightly closer to me and away from her. "The price for this slice of pizza is very high and I'm not sure if your willing to pay for it" I laughed, loving playing with her.

She frowned and stuck her bottom lip out slightly, oh she had the puppy dog eyes down!

"The price for this slice is a kiss on the cheek, are you willing to pay the price my little Annabelle?" I smirked. I honestly didn't think she was going to do it but was shocked as she leant forward and briefly grazed her lips against the stubble on my cheeks. The sparks from her touch went flying and suddenly my heart was pumping a mile a minute. The things this girl does to me.

She must've heard my heart rate change because whilst I was distracted she snatched the slice from my fingers and started to chow down on it.

"Hey that was my piece!"

She just shrugged and went back to eating...goddess she was cute.

There we go guys, how'd you find it? I hope you enjoyed it!
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