Chapter Fifteen

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I didn't think Annabelle would have been up for cooking tonight, even though that was what we agreed on. If she was that insistent on cooking dinner then she could just do it another night when she wasn't so tired.

I went to answer the door to collect the pizza when the bell rang before taking it upstairs with a few plates to feed my little mate. The doctor said she wanted Annabelle on a high calorie diet so what's more fattening then a takeaway pizza.

I walked in and smiled when I found her hugging my pillow close to her chest, she felt my absence even in her sleep. I walked over to her, putting the pizzas on a near by table as I went past and sat on the edge of the bed. Goddess I was lucky.

I stroked the hair off her face and marvelled at how soft it felt, I could run my hands through her hair all day long. I moved it slightly off her neck and stroked her skin down towards the area on her neck I would eventually mark, I couldn't wait for the day that I could call her mine but I knew she wasn't ready for it and I would wait until the day she was ready.

She stirred in her her sleep, causing the duvet to shift down her body and her shirt to ride up slightly and I was just about to look away but I spotted something that made me freeze. Across her stomach and back were small little lines covering her body, little scars that couldn't be seen unless you were looking closely. I ran my fingers over the few that I could see and growled as I felt the raised skin under my fingertips, someone had hurt my mate enough for it to scar.

I lifted her shirt up slightly further and I couldn't help the snarl that escaped my lips as I saw more and more scars the higher her shirt went. Someone had used an all manner of objects to injure her and the more I thought about it the loader my wolf got.

I was fighting for control, with both my wolf and myself. We both so desperately wanted to track down the lowlifes that dared to hurt my mate but we both froze in our murderous rants with each other as we looked up to find Annabelle frozen on the bed with her eyes wide open, staring at me.

It wasn't the fact that she had woken up that made us freeze, more the fact that the colour of her eyes were nothing like the baby blues I had come to love. I was looking into a pair of almost glowing pearlescent eyes that were staring at me in both curiosity and fear.

My wolf was going crazy in my head, he hadn't acted like this since we had first laid eyes on our mate in the woods. Who I was staring at right now wasn't my Annabelle at all, it was her wolf.

"Annabelle?" I whispered as I slowly removed my hand from her skin and held them up for her to see that I was unarmed and had no intention to hurt her. A little growl escaped her lips and she was suddenly up in some form of crouch position, ready to defend herself if she needed to.

"Annabelle it's me, Jax, just calm down and I will explain everything". Her teeth and claws were slightly extended and she slowly started to advance on me, the growl not letting up.

I didn't know how to treat this, if this was a pup in my pack that was newly shifted I would just use my alpha control on them to calm them down but this is Annabelle, not only was she not a part of my pack yet she was also my mate and I didn't want to hurt her like that. She had already had some serious mind control put on her once and I didn't want to break her trust in me by using it again.

My wolf was going crazy in my head and at first I was trying to block him out, not having enough patience to deal with him as well as Annabelle but when he started shouting mate in my head I started to listen.

Mate mate, let me out to calm down Mate.

I thought about it for a second, not knowing what would happen with letting him out with Annabelle so close but at that thought my wolf growled.

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