“Come on,” Logan slapped my shoulder to gain my attention. I bit my tongue to hold in my wince and followed behind him as he walked towards a table. The girl with long brown hair sat on one side of the booth, looking annoyed while the curly brown haired guy was laughing until I scooted in next to him. “Well, hello there. I'm Logan and this is Elliot. What are your names?” Logan sat down next to her.

“Emma and Tuck,” She rolled her eyes, “we have like five classes with you guys.”

“I have no idea how I could have missed your beauty before.” Logan scooted closer.

Emma snorted in his face, shrugging his arm off that he had slid around her shoulders. Tuck and I tried to hide our laughs but it didn't work. We hushed however when Logan glared at us.

“So how about we hit the dance floor?” He turned to face Emma.

Emma looked at Tuck and they both rolled their eyes. “Only in your dreams.”

“Oh, you can count on that.”

The two burst into laughter, “That's your line?” Tuck said, controlling his laughter. “Its so cheesy.”

Tuck and Emma stood, laughing at us. As they walked away, Logan shouted, “I like a challenge.”

My phone alarm went off and I sighed. “I have to go.” I said quietly.

“Bye man.” Logan nodded.

I nodded to him and left the sixteen and up club, walking myself home. My step father would be home around one-thirty in the morning, leaving me two hours to clean the entire house and cook dinner. I wondered if my step brothers were home.

“Elliot!” Ty, my step brother, shouted as I walked into the house. “The house isn't in too bad of shape. How was hanging out with Logan?”

“It was fine.” I nodded and then shrugged. “Can you or Zach fill a pot with water to boil for dinner? Please?”

Ty nodded. “What are you planning?”

“Pasta.” I said, unloading the dishwasher. “Where's Zach? Has he brung his dirty laundry down yet?” I began to reload it.

“I believe so.” Ty said, putting water on the stove. “Do you need help with anything else?”

“Just start dinner for me, please.”

I went through the house; vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting every room, making my step brother's beds as well as my step father's. I cleaned all four bathrooms, did all of the laundry and put it away, neatly and I proceeded to cook, and I even helped Zach with his homework. The entire house looked spotless and I just hoped that as Donald, my step father, walked in, he'd see it the same way.

Ty and Zach rested in the living room waiting. I made a plate and set it in front of Donald, holding my breath, awaiting his judgment.

“Get me a beer.” He sneered, eating.

“Yes, sir.” I went to the garage and grabbed a Bud Lite. I made my way into the kitchen, the sweat of the cold glass and the sweat of my hand caused me to drop it. I cursed under my breath as it shattered.

“That better have not been my damn beer!” I heard his heavy foot steps as he was coming.

“It was an accident!” I started to clean it.

“I'll give you an accident!” He fisted my hair and forced me to my feet. I winced and whimpered as he punched my stomach, hard. “You wanna cry? I'll give you something to cry about you little shit!” He tossed me against the counter, my face slamming into it. I could taste the blood in my mouth as it seeped from my nose.

I heard a belt buckle and I knew it was over. “Dad!” Zach's voice rang. “I got you another beer!” Donald, as far as I could tell, took the bottle and a few seconds later, I heard the front door slam shut. “Are you alright?” He asked.

I crumbled against the counter, sobbing silently, not letting Zach see.

“C'mon, now, Elliot, he's gone.” Ty encouraged, setting his hands on my back. “We promise he's gone.”

I picked my head up and Ty immediately cursed under his breath. He wetted a paper towel and stuck it to my nose. I sobbed, feeling pathetic. “I'm fine.”

“No, you're not.” Zach said, coming up next to me. “Let us see.”

“No.” I whimpered.

“Elliot,” Ty said, sternly. “Let us see.”

I sighed and gave in, turning around. Zach lifted my shirt and I whimpered again. “Shit.”

“How bad is it?” I asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

“Zach, tell him to his room and I'll bring him some ice.” Ty completely ignored me.

“But I have to finish cleaning—” I protested but he cut me off.

“I'll clean it.” Ty said. “Just go rest.”

Zach helped me to my room and a few minutes later, Ty came in with an ice-pack. He handed it to me and then left my room so that I could rest. I hesitated before lifting my shirt up. The bruise was purplish and was the size of Donald's fist. I set the ice-pack on it and then pulled my shirt down over it.

After my mother died, this is what my life became; a slave for my step father in more ways than one. I was like the male Cinderella; I cooked, cleaned, and was abused daily. The only difference was that my step siblings actually cared for me. I'm seventeen, I could leave if I wanted to but I don't want to leave Ty or Zach.

The two of them are half-brothers, Ty only being a few months older. Ty's mother died after being hit by a car when he was seven and then Zach's mother had a brain tumor, killing her when he was around nine. Donald, when my mother was still alive, treated me decent. And his own sons say he was a good person. I just wish I wasn't the subject of his anger.

But this, this is my life.

Song: "The Boy Without A Demon" by A Skylit Drive

Picture: Louis Tomlinson as Elliot

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