Bad Decisions

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The headache hit me before the nausea did. A ton of bricks being dumped straight onto my head. Instinctively I grabbed my phone, wondering how it's possible to have such a hangover on a full moon. When I opened my phone, there were only messages from my bank, notifying me of every transaction I had made. "Fucking hell." I growled and turned over in my bed. Half my fucking savings, gone. No wonder I felt like death itself. Just as my head hit the cold pillow on the other side, my stomach lurched. All last night's wrong decisions came flooding me.

My feet slapped onto the cold tiles as I dashed for the bathroom, making it just in time. Vomit erupted from not only my mouth but my nose. Short black curls fell to a short stop next to my mouth as human colored puked splashed into the toilet. "I would ask if you are pregnant, but we all know you hate the idea so much your body won't even try and get pregnant." My mother chuckled from the door. I simply groaned at her and heaved again, sending thousands of Rands worth of alcohol splashing into the bowl. Dry heaves started wracking my body. Not being able to stop. "Serves you right, baby girl. You know your wolf hates drinking." She cooed and crouched next to me. Tears flooded my eyes. Loving hands wiped them away. "Lunch is in 20 mins." She murmured and stood. "T-t-thanks mom." I stammered and reached for the toilet paper. She simply smiled at me and left, leaving me to regret every single decision I made last night.

Lunch had gone by fast. With just a few glares of disapproval from my father and snide remarks from my younger sister. Mom stayed quiet during the entire meal, choosing not to make me feel worse than I already did. But it wasn't until I asked about Mika that everyone stayed silent. "Where is Mika?" No answer. "Guys, where is she?" Worry crawled up my throat. Only my father could meet my eyes. "Her parents are keeping her on lock down." My heart skipped a beat. What the hell happened last night? "I gotta go." Was all I got out before making my exit.

Sophie trailed behind me. "Luciana. Breathe. Nothing bad happened." She tried consoling me, but my mind was far from her words. "Lucy!" Sophie yelled from behind me. I spun on my heel and faced her. "What?" The girl flinched back. "She's fine." Sophie breathed and fluttered her eyelashes at me. For a 17 year old, she was already well developed with golden hair and pale green eyes. "How would you know?" I shot back. The question took her aback. "Her brother told me." She whispered and shied away from me. I simply rolled my eyes, not caring as to why they spoke at all.

I reached her house five minutes flat. Not caring that my body was protesting the strain. When I burst through the door, her mother was sitting in the living room, watching television. "Luciana!" The lady gasped and aimed to stand, but I was too fast, knowing well enough where Mika's room was. My feet climbed the stairs two at a time. I could hear her mother running behind me. "Mikaela is in no shape to see anyone right now!" She yelled but I didn't want to hear the rest.

Her door was open, giving me easy access to her. Mikaela's back was turned to me, her head bobbing with the music in her ears. She seemed fine. More than fine. But why did no one want to tell me where she was? "Luciana!" Her mother screamed one last time, making the girl snap her neck towards where I stood. Her smile lit up the room like never before. "Hey Lucy, I'm glad to see you aren't dying." She giggled, but it was cut short, her eyes landed behind me. "Mother." Was all she bit out before the woman turned me to face her. "We appreciate you looking after our daughter, Luciana, but what we don't appreciate is you corrupting her." The woman huffed, puffing her chest out. "I already spoke to your parents. You aren't allowed in this house again. Not after what happened last night." She stated and pointed to the door. "Mother, leave her alone." Mika stood. I saw her necklace dangle from her neck. Odd. She hated the thing as much as I did. "No no, it's fine. I'll leave. But I doubt the Luna will be pleased knowing you yelled at her daughter." Yes. I did it. I played my worst card. Relying on my parents to gain myself access to Mika.

The burly woman frowned. "I'll give you half an hour." She muttered and left the room. I smiled to myself. "What did you do?" I half laugh at the irritated girl. She gave me a half smile and patted the bed. "They sort of caught me with my fling of last night." She answered sheepishly, avoiding my gaze. "What fling?" I questioned with raised eyebrows. "You can't remember?" She laughed at me, a trill of a laugh. Lighter than air. "I brought a guy home because your parents were home, so we couldn't crash there. And this morning... let's just say he needs stealth skills." Mika laughed and hugged me. "But I'm happy to see you are alive." I nodded reluctantly. I was barely alive. Barely had the energy to run to her. "Me too, but, question. Why does your parents blame me for all of this?" I scooted further away from her. A frown formed on her brow. "You know how they are. How this entire pack is. Conservative biased wolves with their noses stuck in the air. She thinks you talked me into losing my virginity to a random man. Little does she know it was your eldest brother who took it." She giggled at the thought. Puke rose in my throat. I can distinctly remember her telling me this story. How I died of sickness at the thought of the two. "So I'm the bad influence simply because I don't agree with the whole necklace thing? Or the whole let's make puppies with the love of my life thing?" I asked, my eyes not meeting hers. "You know who and how they are. I'm sorry Lucy." She touched my leg gently. The urge to lay my head in her lap over took me. So I did. "It's fine, Mika. I know I'm the black sheep of the pack. Even if I am the daughter of the Alpha, I'm still the Omega." I winked at her.

Her necklace caught my eye again. I gently touched it. "I've never seen you wear it before." I noted, touching the edge gently. It was as if fire consumed Mika. She jerked away. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked, sitting up a bit. "They are making me wear it, but it feels wrong, you know? I mean, the pendant is so much smaller than everyone else's. It almost feels shameful." She stated with sorrow on her breath. The world's biggest burden in our society was finding your true love. Because you aren't allowed to know anything besides someone who is supposed to love you forever. Someone who will rule you fully, control every aspect of your life. A noose that we all wear, and the more people you meet, the tighter the noose gets.

"May I look at it?" I wrapped my fingers around the small thing and tugged gently. The strap let go, leaving the pendant in my palm. It was beautiful. Intricate red, black and silver detailing. Almost exact to mine in design but not shape. It astounded me. Thus far, we were the only two with three colors in the design. My mother and father had gold and blue laced in theirs. But ours, the three colors swirled behind my eyelids. "I bet one day you will find someone who fits this perfectly, okay? Don't stress." I urged her gently, clasping the necklace around her neck again. "But I already found my other half." Her voice was smooth, calm, but drenched in love. "Sweety, best friends don't count." I giggled out and booped her nose.

"It does to me."

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