Chapter 10

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His lips touched mine in a gentle shy kiss and i didn't really know what to do. I slowly move my lips against his and his hands cupped my face. I moved my hands to grab his shirt at his heart level and blushed when his tongue's tip touche my bottom lips. I shyly parted my lips to let him in and i moaned when his muscle touched mine. His left hand moved to the nape of my neck and brough me closer kissing me harder. I blushed even more when i was forced in his lap. I let go of his shirt to lay my hands flat on his pecs. Gosh i feel so hot ! We broke the kiss and i looked at him. ''Jonghyun...'' ''I'm sorry ...we won't be able to go through the entire bounding process...'' ''Why....'' ''I can't knot you ...we're not ready to be parents...'' ''Oh...yeah i forgot about that...It's ok...we still have time for this...'' ''Do you want me to bite you ?'' ''Yes...I'm yours Jognhyun...'' ''I know and i'm all yours...Let's do it tomorrow ok ? Tonight i just want to hold you in my arms while we sleep...'' ''Let's get ready for bed then !'' ''You can take a shower if you want ! It's there !'' he said pointing a door. ''Thank you !'' I went in and undressed before showering quickly. Once out and dry I looked around to see that i'm dumb and don't have clothe.

''Jjong ?'' i asked looking in the room. ''Yeah ?'' ''I-I don't have clothes...'' ''Here ! You can take mine !'' He gave me a boxer and one of his t-shirt. I quickly got dressed and dried my hair before joining him in bed. ''My shirt looks better on you !'' I blushed and hide under the cover. ''Come on don't be shy ! You'll have to get used to it because i will never stop complimenting you !'' I smiled and snuggled to him. He hovered over me to turn the light off and took me close to him. ''Jonghyun...hold me closer...hold me tight...never let go....please...'' He layed on his side and held me close to him. So close i could feel his heart beating against mine, his skin hot and warming. I nestled my face in his neck and he let his head rest on top of mine. ''Jonghyun....I love you...'' ''I love you too baby...'' My heart swelled in my chest when i heard him call me like that. I'm so happy i can't help but grin like an idiot. I felt him kiss my forehead and i gently kissed him under his collarbone before falling asleep.

POV Jonghyun.

After the confession and the gentle goodnight kisses i was so happy and excited i couldn't fall asleep so i just layed there listening to his breathing. When my eyes closed it was 5 AM.


I woke up in my bed with Taemin in my arms. I softly kissed him on the head before going downstairs to eat breakfast but i saw no one. Strange it's already 10 ! Usually my parents and Sodam are up at this hour ! I went down the hall to my parents bedroom to find it empty. Really strange ! I went to the first floor and to my sister's bedroom to also find it empty. I went to my bros to find no one again. I started to feel nervous and i nearly ran to Kibum's room to only find their things. ''What the fuck ?'' I went to Jongin and it was empty as well as Wonshik's room. Did they all vanished ? I ran to my bedroom but a few feet away i couldn't move. I was like tied on spot. ''Tae ! Baby ! Are you ok ?'' I got no answer and fear build into me. I made my claws come out and stabed my leg with them making me move again. Light faded and it was dark and cold. I opened slowly my door to see Taemin in the bed. I ran to him and took him into my arms. ''Tae baby ! God ! You're still here !'' ''Of course i'm here why ?'' ''Because everyone disapeared !'' ''Oh no ! They didn't disapeared ! They got killed last night by Jongup !'' ''What ? No i would have heard !'' ''But it's true ! They all got eliminated ! Just like me !'' ''What ?'' I looked at him and slowly a blood line formed on his neck as if he had his throat cut. ''Tae ?'' ''It's because you're too weak Jjong ! Look at them !'' I turned around to see everyone. Headless, cut open, members ripped, disemboweled, burned alive. ''It's your fault son !'' ''You're such a bad brother !'' ''We should have listened to you and choosed Jinki as our leader !'' ''We all would be still alive if you were better !'' they said all taking turn. ''No ! No ! It's not my fault !'' ''Yes it is !''They all grabbed me pulling me into the darkness of my room.


I jolted awake panting and sweating. ''Jonghyun ? Are you ok ?'' asked Taemin visibly half asleep and i took him in my arms, relieved that he's alive. ''I...'' the door bursted open and i saw everyone there making me free Taemin from my embrace. ''Son are you ok ?'' asked my father. ''We heard you scream ! Did something happened ?'' asked Jinki but i couldn't answer. My breathing speed up and my hearing progressivly shut down, my head started to spin and my heart was pounding in my ribcage. ''A panic attack ! He didn't had one since he was 14 !'' i heard faintly Minseok say. ''Jonghyun ! Look at me !'' I know what Taemin said, I heard him but i couldn't move. Hands fell on my face and turned my head. Tears formed in my eyes and i saw his beautiful face full of worry. ''Jonghyun look at me ! Come on ! Focus on me ! Breath slowly ! Calm down !'' ''C-an't'' i squeeked He took me in his arms and took deep breaths so i tried too. ''That it ! Just like me ! Breath with me !'' We stayed like that until i could breath again. ''Jonghyun ! Oh my baby are you ok ?'' ''I-...'' ''Come downstairs with us ! I'll make some camomile !'' Taemin took my hand and we followed everyone to the livingroom. Tae and I sat on the couch and Seokjin wrapped a blanket around me.

''Here baby !'' Mom gave me a mug that I took between my trembling hands. ''What happened ? And don't say it's nothing because it was enough to cause a panic attack !'' nagged my dad. ''I was home when i woke up but....i could find none of you...After i went to Kibum's room i couldn't move until i stabbed myself...Once back to my room i took Taemin in my arms but....then....he...that you didn't disapeared....that you had been killed by a man named Jongup...And....then you all by one you said that...your death were my fault....that i was too weak...a bad brother...a bad son....a terrible leader...Kibum said that he regretted choosing me as a leader....You were all were so cold and angry at me...You grabbed me and dragged me into the darkness...and..i woke up again...'' Tears were runing down my face like a fall. ''Shhh....It's ok Son....It was just a bad dream...Look we're all here ! All alive and no one is upset or disapointed in you...You're safe...we all are...'' said my father patting my head in confort. ''Drink before it get cold..i put honey in it like you love it !'' said mom smiling at me. I took a sip trying to calm down. I couldn't help but feel scared that it would happen for real...I know i'm not the best fighter i that weak ? '''s ok...stop won't happen without a fight and you know it...You're not weak...look you nearly got Jongup back there !'' ''But i didn't...'' ''I doesn't matter for now...because i'm here...calm down...we love you...we have faith in you...we trust you...'' ''Thank you baby...'' he took my hand and caressed it in confort. I ended my drink and gave the mug back to mom. ''Do you want me to lit some candles in your room ?'' asked Seokjin. ''Please..'' i whispered. Both him and Jinki went up to my room. ''Will you be ok ?'' asked Sodam. ''I think...'' ''I'll turn the oil diffuser !'' she said runing upstairs. ''It's ok i swear i'm ok...'' ''You're not hyung ! You're trembling like a leave in autumn !'' said Minho ''It's ok...It will be ok...'' ''Don't worry Minho ! We're used to it ! We know what to do !'' answere my dad. The three came back and nooded. ''It's ready ! You can go back to bed !'' Taemin took my hand and guided me to our room. ''Don't be scared i'm here...'' We went under the cover and i big spooned him bringing him as close to me as possible. ''I won't leave don't worry...'' ''I'm so scared...'' ''No need to be scared...we're here...sleep now...'' I closed my eyes and burried my face in his hair. ''I love you Jonghyun...Don't be scared...I'm watching over you...'' and i fell asleep to the scent of Apple, cinnamon and clean clothes.

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