12. Struggle with emotions

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The walk in the forest was a boy's way of getting the girl alone. But this was all happening the other way round. The drunk Trisha had the upper hand as she dragged Sage through the forest.

"Trisha, it's getting late. You need to get home." Sage was struggling with a drunk girl.

"No, no. Look at the Moon Sage. It looks so pretty. Oh, but wait are you hardwired to like the day and not the night." And she giggled unlike herself.

She was mocking the system.

"Trisha your parents will be worried." He reminded her since nothing was making her leave his hand and the forest.

And Sage was not so sure about his emotions right then.

The forest buzzed with voices of insects and a distant noise of the ball.

"Shhhh. Listen, Sage." She said placing a lip on his finger and with wide eyes.

Something heavy dropped in Sage's stomach as he mentally groaned at this girl. Never in his wildest imagination, he thought that Trisha would be seducing him and that it will be working too damn well.

"What are we listening to Trisha?" He asked a little flustered.

"I am trying to listen to the beat of your cold heart." She said a little hurt.

"What's wrong?" Sage asked so naturally concerned at her hurt face that he had to remind himself his actual thoughts.

"How can you talk about home when we are supposed to run tonight?" She whispered leaning in way too close for his comfort.

"O-Okay. I apologize." He faltered a bit and tried to step back.

"Wow, Sage. How do I phrase it..." She said still leaning closer as Sage tried to edge away. "I have a desire to kiss you."

Shocked to the shell, Sage just looked at her and the emotion in her eyes. He knew at that moment they mirrored his emotions as well.

"Then why aren't you?" He whispered back not letting any thoughts interrupt him just that moment.

"Because I know you hate me."

He blinked once, twice and waited for her explain or say something else because his heart just dropped in disappointment and he felt insane.

He couldn't take it any longer and lean in for the kiss that was impending. Trisha sighed as if she was scared to make the first move but needed that kiss. Emotions flowed into that one searing hot kiss and his arms wrapped around his waist pulling her closer to himself.

She practically moaned as his lips tugged at her in a playful nip.

He was suddenly pulled back to reality at her moan and broke the kiss. Her eyes were glowing in the moonlight as she looked at him with a small satisfied smile.

"Can we not stop please?" She requested in the most dangerously adorable way possible.

She wanted to kiss him, again! He had no idea that such small things will make him feel victorious.

"Trisha," Sage said in a strict tone.

"You don't hate me." She said happily.

His kiss conveyed the message which he himself couldn't come to terms with.

"Let's go back now." He said pretty sure his plan was messed up right now.

"But I am thirsty." She said and for a second Sage had a dirty thought.

He mentally facepalmed himself for being so weak. He kissed plenty of girls, it's not like this was something special but he was trying hard to control his train wreck of heart.

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