Chapter 11

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Needless to say, I had a pretty awesome birthday. Except for the fact that Pierce had acted strangely that morning but either way Hugh didn't disappoint me. He took me to a really nice place for dinner. We had an exotic Japanese cuisine last night. It was my first time to try their authentic food other than the ramen noodles that I kept buying from the grocery.

I had my fair share of fresh salmon and sushi. Experiencing to eat raw food wasn't really that bad. The unique flavors just blended well and I enjoyed it immensely. After we had dinner, Hugh took me to a pub. Surprisingly, it wasn't as crazy like last time. The people who went there were pretty chill. They played some jukebox music and you could see that they lined up a few tables while there was a huge bar at the farthest side of the pub.

The people who wanted to hang out at this place actually sat down with friends and were having actual conversations with each other over a glass of beer. Once again, Hugh had surprised me. I had a good time with my best friend. I had to do an eye roll at the fact that he still went ahead to introduce me to some guys. We had a little fun flirting that night. The beer kind of gave me the courage to socialize a bit. Yet, I didn't end up giving them my number or them taking me home. I was still aware of my conscience so it was a smart move not giving them any of my information.

I woke up the next morning to the constant ringing of my phone. I sleepily reached for it on my nightstand and when I saw the caller ID, it was an unregistered number. I was certain I didn't give away my phone number last night.

I answered anyway, "Hello?" My voice was still a little groggy from waking up.

"Get ready. I'm picking you up in an hour." A deep raspy voice demanded from the other line. I checked the time on my phone. It was way too early for me to take a call at this hour. I hadn't guessed who was on the other line demanding me to get up from my comfortable bed. It was a freaking Sunday morning. I usually took this day to sleep off until the afternoon.

"Wait, who is this?" I asked.

"It's Pierce. Hurry, I'll be waiting." He hung up as I was about to demand answers from him. First of all, how did he even acquire my number? He never asked for it. Of all days, why would he choose to pick me up on a Sunday? Work wasn't until tomorrow. I groaned at the thought of working today. It might be something important. I had an hour to get ready so I rolled off my bed and got up.

I went outside my room and noticed that Hugh wasn't awake yet. That meant there was no breakfast. I was too lazy to prepare anything so I just started getting ready. I took a shower and put on a navy blue drop waist dress that I paired with some black leggings. The sleeves just reached a little below my elbows and it had a white collar. The dress was comfortable for a lazy Sunday stroll.

I tied my hair into a high pony tail. I put on some cheek tint, powder and lip balm onto my face just so I wouldn't look pale. My phone rang as I was just finishing up.

"Hello?" I answered.

Pierce's smooth voice was on the other line, "I'm here."

"Okay, I'll be down in a bit." I grabbed my coat and purse. I went to check on Hugh to see if he was awake. I peeked into his room and saw that he was still sleeping soundly. I decided to leave him a note saying that I would be out for the day. I then left the note on the fridge, putting a magnet to hold it up.

I slipped on my black doll shoes and left the apartment. When I came down, Pierce's car was parked just up front. He was leaning on the passenger side of the car. His arms were folded and the muscles on his arms were visibly flexed from his position. He was wearing a grey sweater over his white polo shirt. He pulled the sleeves halfway which made him look hotter. He was even wearing jeans and a pair of sneakers. He looked really good in casual clothing.

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