chapter two

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I looked at my gold Casio watch

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I looked at my gold Casio watch. 3:50. He's a whole twenty minutes late. I began to gain an attitude due to his tardiness. I could be home doing something valuable with my life like oh I don't know, sleeping! This is the last time I try to be nice for someone.

I got up from the table that I reserved for Marshall and myself and headed my way to the from door.

As I was pulling the door open it was caught by the hands that belonged Mr. Mathers himself.

He came in the library with his headphones on blast, while his clothes looked as if he was just in a huge brawl.

Seeing his pale face made my blood boiling within me and made my angry towards him spill over. It was clear in my face.

"Where are you going?" Marshall asked while he took off his headphone to place them on his long, giraffe looking neck.

"Home. You're late." I said with an attitude.

He grabbed my arm; "Steph come on, I just got here. It was some bullshit with I really need your help. Please don't leave. Please"

I blew out some air and rolled my eyes; "Marshall I told you 3:30, not 3:52, 3:30. If you can't be on time for my help how do I know that you are really serious about this? I don't have time for these little games. It's either you want my help or not.

"I promise this will be my only time late. I had a big argument with my bitch of a mother. I need this Steph. I'm sick and tired of being a fucking failure. I am sick of this shit! I don't want to be like my drug fein mother, I actually want to be something in life. Don't be like everyone else in my life and leave. Please stay."

I just stood there, looking at him. I couldn't believe he really just poured his emotions to me on his second day of knowing me.

I sighed and dropped my book bag at a near by table; "Okay Marshall, but no more being late. Next time you're late, that's it, this is over."


It wasn't Marshall was dumb, he was far from it. It's just the environment he was living in was not supportive causing him not to care himself. He just needed someone to show him that he is actually worth something. Realizing this made me feel bad for almost giving up on him so quick.

"Okay Steph, I think I understand it now."

I looked up from my pre-cal text book and began to examine his paper that was filled with notes I given him. I thought him some of the tips and tricks my math teacher Mr. Song taught me in Algebra 1 freshman year.

"You got it but you messed up at the second to last step. Get the X by itself but to do that divide the constant that is connected to it on both sides and you should get the right answer. But Good Job Marsh."I said giving him a smile.

Marshall smile reviling his small dimple, "Thanks. You should become a math teacher. Maybe I'll pass the fucking class then." He erased the mistakes and fixed the problem.

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