A NEW LIFE......

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Aaradhika was later discharged from the hospital and moved with Mrs. Vasundra Tyagi. She was in the car thinking about her past. Some was good while the rest was poison for her. she closed her eyes .


She was  not going to make him mad again because of carelessness.The house is all cleaned and the dish he just loves it. She was in the kitchen washing again the already cleaned dishes. Then she heard the unlocking of door. He has come. She hurriedly put the dishes in the cupboard and dried her  hands. She felt pair of arms hugging her from behind.

He started kissing her neck and his hands moved on her waist. She turned to his side and he kissed her passionately. She tried to be out of his grip. But he held her more tightier.she tried to smile but his face made her nervous.

" what happened? Aren't you happy?" He asked with cold look in his eyes.

"No. It's not like that. I ... i actually.." his grip was tightened 

"Leave it. You can never talk clearly with me." He loosened his tight grip. "Do you know i have a surprise for you?" Her heart beat stopped. He must be angry. His surprises always ends painfully.

"What surprise? I don't need any.. " she replied almost with teary eyes.

"Come on. I searched for her whole day and left a meeting for giving you a surprise  ." He said cheerfully.

Her? Who is she? What has he planned?

"Rakhi ji. Please come in. " and then her best friend Rakhi came with a huge smile on her face. They hugged each other.

"Woah aaradhika you have changed a lot. Are you on a diet or something? You have lost too much weight." She said touching her arms. Aaradhika managed to control her real feelings. Arjun's cold eyes were staring directly her .

"Oh. No. It's just. You have seen me after so many days. So.. i was always like this." She replied   and breathed normally when she saw his frown disappearing.

"Come on girls. Why don't you both take your seats? Just sit and then talk " arjun said motioning her towards the living room. Aaradhika like a slave held Rakhi's hand and went out running.

" Hey. Wait.. what's wrong? Why are you walking so fast? Rakhi said laughing on her friend's unexpected way. Aaradhika was just replying when Arjun replied on her behalf.

"Actually she is just too obedient. Right ?"he said with scolding tone.

"No. I was just excited. Rakhi and i met after so many years."she tried to cover up the situation.

"It's okay. You are still so innocent. I am happy that you got the right life partner . He is so caring." Rakhi said looking at Arjun in the kitchen preparing snacks for them. Aaradhika wanted to shout and tell her that the man she is seeing now is just an illusion. There is a demon behind this face. 

"Well. I never saw you coming home. You are too happy here or he is just over caring or i should say OVER P- R-O-T-E-C-T-I-V-E. "she highlighted the last word. And looked at Aaradhika's face. Her expression changed and her face turned pale.

"No. It's not like that. I am happy here."she said smiling. And her eyes went to meet Arjun's which were digging into her soul like daggers. He was continuosly looking at them. Rakhi followed her gaze and saw a strange expression Arjun's face. Arjun immediately smiled as he noticed Rakhi.

Something is off about this guy... she thought.and looked back towards Aaradhika who was still looking towards him with fear.

"It's okay. Honey. He is not saying anything to you. Why is he staring? Is everything okay?"she finally asked. But Aaradhika looked at her with wide eyes. As if her truth is out." Tell me. Please. I can sense it. You are not looking well. What's wrong?" She again asked.

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