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Chapter Fifty Five

"The new flat is looking good boys" Sian smiled, Rye giving her a tour of the boys new flat.

"I agree, it must be so good to have separate rooms" Arabella laughed.

"Brooklyn and Soph are there, we should leave"
Andy said chucking on his jacket.

They where all going out for dinner, just to hang out and catch up.

"Where is Jack by the way?" Soph questioned, noticing the Irish boy had been missing from most things.

"Back home, something about his mum not being well" Andy shrugged.

Arabella shivered at Jacks name. The boy had been blackmailing her for the past few months, so having him away felt good. She could finally do what she wanted.

Until her phone pinged.

how's dinner?

what do you want jack?

just asking how you are, problem?

leave me alone, you aren't here to control me anymore

has your precious mikey told you what they risked for sophie?

what are you talking about?

brooklyn told u yet?
didn't think so
bye arabella
have a nice night 💖

Arabella looked from both boys, laughing at a joke Andy had just made. what did they risk for Soph and why?

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