A Wannabe Assassin: Chapter 6

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Joey was FURIOUS with himself. Not only was he NOT focussing on what he was supposed to be doing, he was also relaxing. It was no wonder he didn't have a job for two years.

Joey thought back to all those years he HAD a job. He couldn't remember it. But his grandmother had told him this story a couple of times.

From the age of eight he was under the care of his grandmother. His grandfather was a drunk, who moved out a year later after he moved in with them. 

She raised Joey like her own son, and gave him the best education she could. Unfortunately, the one thing she couldn't teach him was to be less clumsy. And he still remains to be, with his height.

 When he was eighteen, Joey met with an accident of his own. He rammed his car into a tree after getting drunk. The doctor told him he was very lucky to be alive. He would however continue to have a scar on his head.

At the age of twenty one, Joey joined law at Harvard. It was hard to believe that he was once upon a time a very bright student.  Joey was very successful. He became a criminal lawyer, speaking for only those he was certain were innocent.

Cracking twenty four cases on twenty five, Joey was the number one lawyer in the United States. Everyone came to him, and he reaped millions.

The other lawyers hated him. They all hated each other, but were united by one thing. Their hatred towards Joey. Digging up his history, they found that he had a scar. But there was a tiny note the doctor mentioned.

A tiny hit on the scalp, and he'll lose his memories. He'll become eighteen years old, mentally.

At his peak career, Joey was thirty four. The lawyers hired a man to just hit him once on the head, and that was that. Joey was now mentally an eighteen year old.

For two years, Joey tried to remember what happened, but failed. His Grandmother showed pictures, newspaper articles, etc, but was unable to retrieve his memory back. Out of depression, Joey kept drinking, and when he was on his last 50k, his grandmother told him to stop, or he wouldn't have any money left to survive. 

On her advice, he moved into his current flat and paid rent for about a year, while searching for a job. He did all sorts of odd jobs, giving coffee, and polishing shoes. But it didn't suffice. Job after job he was fired. 

And now he was in major debt, and in absolute desperation to find a job.

Joey gritted his teeth in frustration. He was going to get this job, even if he dies trying.

Which wouldn't be so surprising, his inner voice said.


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