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Auston💕; hey
Arizona💘; hi
Auston💕; how long are you in chicago for?
Arizona💘; i'm here for a week
Auston💕; why'd you go?
Arizona💘; to see John
Auston💕; why?
Arizona💘; because he's my friend
Auston💕; just a friend?
Arizona💘; what the hell auston?
Auston💕; what?
Arizona💘; do you really think i would cheat on you?
Auston💕; i mean idk
Arizona💘; are you serious right now?
Arizona💘; if you don't trust me then why the hell are you dating me?
Auston💕; i do trust you
Arizona💘; okay so why are you implying that he's more than a friend to me? you don't know shit about it
Auston💕; i wasn't trying to accuse you of anything
Arizona💘; well it sure as hell seemed like it
Auston💕; i'm sorry okay? i don't have a good history with girls. everyone that i've ended up with has cheated on me and left me confused and hurt and i just have a fear that you might do the same
Arizona💘; after i opened up to you about my heartbreak? i wouldn't want to hurt you like that auston. getting hurt in a relationship absolutely sucks and i don't want you to feel like i might hurt you too
Auston💕; i've gotten to know you and i know you wouldn't do something like that but i just can't shake off the feeling
Arizona💘; i want you to promise me that if you ever need to talk about anything even if we break up in the future and aren't friends i'm still gonna be here for you okay? i'm not going anywhere so do you promise me that you will come talk to me?
Auston💕; yes i promise
Arizona💘; good now...
Auston💕; now what?
Arizona💘; i love you
Auston💕; i love you too
Arizona💘; when i get back we will spend a night together and do whatever you want sound good?
Auston💕; yeah that sounds wonderful
Arizona💘; well i have to go so i'll text you later
Auston💕; alright go have fun i miss you
Arizona💘; i miss you bye babe😘
Auston💕; bye baby❤️

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