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The Indominus Rex whipped it's neck around to face me, a growl rumbling from the back of its throat. I felt my stomach churn into a tight knot, my feet rooted to the ground. The dinosaur narrowed its beady eyes, the yellow glimmering menacingly in the lights of the main street.

I slowly back away to the door, my eyes darting around for another escape route. I couldn't outrun this thing with the throbbing pain in my calf. My eyes caught sight of four figures standing in front of the dinosaur, my eyes widening when I realised who they were.

A frightened and muddy Claire, Zach, Gray and Alex stood behind Owen and Blue, all of their eyes on me. I locked eyes with Alex instantly.

He had a cut poking out of his shirt, his entire skin glistening with sweat. Even from a distance, his eyes were sparkling with relief. Had the dinosaur not been metres away from me, I had an incredible urge to run to him. "Laura!" he called.

The Indominus Rex swiveled to face the group, letting out a roar. Gray was hugging Claire tightly, watching the dinosaur. Alex had his hand in front of them and Zach. Owen's eyes darted between Blue, Echo and Delta. Delta had her eyes on me, her tail swaying happily behind her. A warm rush of relief coursed through me. I nodded at her.

My eyes wandered the street, noticing Owen's motorcycle parked just beyond the cluster of Raptors. Another idea sparked in my head. Owen and I made eye contact. He knew.

A sharp whistle from Owen's lips sliced through the night. All three raptors raised their claws at the Indominus, hissing and glaring. Frustrated, the giant dinosaur swung its talons at Blue, sending her flying into a concrete wall with a sickening thud. She clattered to the ground, lifeless. Owen watched helplessly, gripping the rifle tighter. The remaining raptors were distraught, launching themselves onto the Indominus. They began picking and scratching at the scaled skin, giving a distraction for Owen to lead the boys and Claire to safety.

I sprinted over the slick concrete, my arms pumping as I raced towards the bike. I threw myself onto the leather seat, kicking the safety stand down. My shaking fingertips revved up the bike, the engine roaring to life.

"HEY!" I called out to the Indominus, the hybrids neck snapping around to glare at me. It belched an infuriated roar towards me. My insides shriveled at the sound of it, but I stood tall. Owen continued to fire shots from his rifle, not taking his eyes off the Indominus. "You sure about this?!" he yelled. Displaying its talons, the creature began to stomp towards me.

Gritting my teeth, I slammed the accelerator. "Absolutely not," I replied. My hair whipped behind me as I embraced an idea that could most definitely kill me. I didn't dare blink as I drove the motorcycle underneath the Indominus' legs.

My breath hitched in my throat as I narrowly swerved to miss its tail, speeding out of the other side with a gasp. Disorientating the dinosaur had worked. It let out a frustrated roar, losing its balance. The creature toppled to the side, collapsing onto the main street. The tail whipped past Owen's head, shattering the block of amber he was hiding behind. "LAURA LOOK OUT!" I heard Gray's voice call.

The horrific sound of mental wrung in the air, sparks of electricity flying above my head. The Indominus had slammed its tail into a street post, the metal poll clattering into the ground metres from my bike speeding at full speed ahead.

I stood up on the bike and lunged forward, reaching my hands out to grasp the cold, metal pole. The bike raced under the pole with ease, but it had been a long time since I'd done a handstand or chin up of any kind. Unable to hold my weight with shaking biceps, my body tumbled backward with an unsettling gasp. Miraculously, I managed to spread my legs, feeling the leather seat between them on my way down. I halted the bike to a stop, still in utter disbelief of what I'd just done. I had just FLIPPED on a motorbike. My eyes weren't leaving the Indominus who still had a keen sense of where I as. Owen's mouth was gaping open.

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