c. eight

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Swinging open the rusty door to Sweet Pea's trailer I threw my bag on the sofa next to the door. "Pea!" I yelled in the quiet trailer.

Coming from his bedroom, Pea walked out looking tired as he pulled a shirt over his head. When he looked up and saw me standing there with a smile, he looked at me with an annoyed and angry face. Walking to the kitchen, he took down a bowl and a cereal box, making himself breakfast.

I stood in my same spot in the kitchen, watching and waiting for him to say something. Looking over his shoulder, Pea gave me a confused face. "Do you want some?" He asked, confused why I was standing in his kitchen. Shaking my head Pea sat down at the table and quietly ate as he scrolled through his phone.

Looking back up at me again, Pea gave me another confused look. I rolled my eyes and sighed, taking a seat next to him. "I'm sorry" I apologised, again making Pea look at me confused.

"Toni said I made you upset. Sorry, I didn't mean to. But I don't understand how it made you angry?" I asked him, completely confused how a photo of me and Adrian made him angry.

Pea didn't say anything, just stood up and put his bowl in the sink then walked back to his room. He slammed the door shut, making me jump from the fright. He didn't reappear after a few minutes so I walked over to his door, opening it with the handle. He was sitting on his bed, tying up his boots.

"Are you like dating him?" Pea asked. A smile came on my face, finally getting somewhere with this conversation. "No. And if so, why would it bother you?"

Pea shrugged his shoulders then stood up, grabbing his leather jacket from the wardrobe. "I'm your best friend. Thought you'd tell me if you like someone or something." He mumbled back without looking me in the eye. I shrugged my shoulders even though he wasn't watching.

"Well can we drop it. I'm not dating this kid nor do I even know anything about him. He probably rode f*cking kangaroos to school back home!" I joked, earning a small laugh from Sweet Pea. I smiled when he agreed to forget it.

"Good, now lets go to school." Walking behind Pea, I pushed him towards the door. Confused what I meant, Pea tried to stop me from dragging his tall legs across the floor. "Wait, you're spending the day at Southside High?" He looked at me confused and I nodded my head.


Walking into the cafeteria, all my friends were crowded around each other at the table. They were blocking my view from seeing what was happening, but I'm sure I saw a laptop placed on the table in front of them. Moving further towards it, sitting in front of Pea and Toni was a laptop with a video playing.

Sitting beside Toni and Pea, the video was of Archie. It was the video my sister and parents were arguing about this morning before I left. "That's the guy f*cking my sister" I said, earning a laugh from some people. "Match made in heaven" one of them joked. Agreeing with them and laughing, the video replayed of Archie standing fiercely in front of a group of shirtless guys with red masks over their faces.

"I f*cking love this video!" Pea laughed hysterically as Archie continued to say how him and the other males weren't scared of the Black Hood. As if you aren't scared of a f*cking psycho killer.

A few minutes later I spotted Jughead standing opposite us on the table, puzzled about what was happening. "Guess we're not watching funny cat videos." He announced his presence to us, making everyone look up at him smiling. "We will find you." Archie's video played in the background before Pea paused it and spun the laptop around, showing Jughead what was playing.

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