The Adventure of my Life Ivy's P.O.V.

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Chapter 1 On the Way to Hershey Park

Kristina set our bags on the curb by the car. Then we arlked over to Nathan and his hot friend Joey. Nathan is in ways considered my brother. My parents were killed in a car accident so Kristina's parents took me in since I practically lived at their house. So since they took me in I just called Nathan my brother because Kristina is my sister and Nathan is her brother. Even though I consider him my brother in ways I always thought they were cute. Anyway when we got to the boys Kristina started to freak out.

"I can't believe I have to sit in between the boys!!"

"I told you that you don't have to!! I'm sure I can live by sitting with them for 45 minutes."

"I will not make you suffer and sit with them."

"Ok, but I wouldn't be suffering! I will be listening for your screams."

"Oh it's not my screams you will be hearing because I'm about ready to kill someone because mom is taking so long and it's really hot out here!!"

Just then mom walked out of the house.

"Are you guys ready??"

We all nodded and headed toward the bright orange car. Kristina pulled the passenger seat forward so that Nathan could get in first. Then she herself got in and then Joey smushed himself in the already full backseat. I wasn't sure how to move the chair back.

"Um Kristina? How do I push it back?"

"The thing on the front!"


"No one the front! Not the side."

"O ok thanks haha!!"

I pulled myself in the car and whipped out my book and ipod.

"Lookie here! Ivy's already got out her book and ipod! So does Kristina!"

Kristina and I weren't paying any attention. Kristina was busy listening to her ipod and playing games while I was listening to my ipod and reading L.A. Candy. This is the good part! When we had been driving for a little I started smelling something bad.

"Eww what in the world is that smell??"

"Ewww!!!!!! Nathan farted!!"

We both squealed and Nathan did and evil laugh.

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