Chapter III

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It's a new and sunny day, the sun has replaced the moon and the gems are currently attending the daily morning meeting lead by a certain green gem named Jade.

Standing beside the green haired gem is his partner, Euclase who's holding a clipboard. Today's meeting went smoothly, as soon as it's over, Jade quickly dismissed the gems.

Before [Y/N] could leave, the female gem was confronted by Benito who's looking nervous.

"[Y-[Y/N]! Y-You.. uh.. CARDS! Ye-yesterday! Night!", the blue haired gem stammered as his shoulder shook from the nervousness that was eating him from the inside, his partner Neptunite/Nepucchii, was standing not far behind him.

"Cards.. yesterday.. night..?", [Y/N] mumbled, then it hit her. She promised Benito to olay cards with him yesterday night, but she ended up being chipped off until late at night.

"I'm so sorry Benito!", [Y/N] exclaimed as she quickly formed a 90 degree bow. The blue haired gem only chuckled nervously.

"It's okay, you were being chipped off by Rutile, I understand", Benito said with a smile.

"I'll make it up to you! We'll play cards after our shifts are done okay?", [Y/N] offered, still feeling guilty for leaving poor Benito alone to play with his cards

Benito nod as his day just got better, his jolly self went skipping to Neptunite who looked at him with confusion plastered on her face. The dark purple haired gem then looked at the [H/C] gem and waved a little before joining her partner.

After Benito and Neptunite left, [Y/N] went to do her job, it's currently the day for her to feed the Jellyfish. It's an easy job for any gem, but everyone is just too busy for it, and Phos? He's.. lazy.


"Jade?", the [H/C] gem saw Phos pinning Jade to the ground.

"Speaker Jade! Give me an ideaaa!!"

"How am I supposed to give you an idea when you don't even tell me your problem!!", Jade exclaimed as he tried to pry Phos off his leg.

"Hhhhnnggg!! Oh, [Y/N]... [Y/N]!!", Phos whined in distress as he reaches to grab the [H/C] gem's leg, before he could touch her, the female gem moved away towards Euclase who flashed a soft smile at her.

Euclase and [Y/N] are having a wonderful time conversing with each other, while Jade is struggling with the clingy Phos. That is until Jade let out a silent screech.

"What the hell did you just do?!", the green haired gem yelled at Rutile who's innocently swinging her hammer.

"I'm just doing the normal 100 year durability test on you", the doctor answered blankly.

"At least tell me before you do it!!", Jade exclaimed.

After a while of hitting Jade with the hammer, Rutile made her way to [Y/N] who's hiding behind Phos. The peppermint green gem stretch his arm for Rutile to check, but the doctor brushed it off and try to make her way towards the [E/C] gem.


"You really are high quality [Y/N], strong as usual", Rutile said putting her hammer aside as she then helped the gem up to her feet.

"Y-yeah.. ugh", the [H/C] fell back to the ground just right after Quack Doc left the scene. Her legs feel like jelly after being hit by the blasted hammer.

"Anyway Phos, why don't you go to Diamond for ideas? I heard she found a new tecnique for battle", Jade explain as he stand up and dust his clothes.

"YOU'RE RIGHT! All this time I've come to the wrong gem! Why didn't you tell me before? Fights are way cooler", Phos exclaimed.

"Just remember that I'm the second hardess", Jade retort. (I doubt that Jade..)

"Senpai come on!!", the hyper Phos yelled as he pratically dragged the older gem.

After a while of running, both gems found themselves standing in the vast grassy fields, a certain gem caught Phos's peppermint orbs as he then tackle the gem.

"D I A !"

The gem let out a squak as she was tackled by Phos.

"D-Dia are you okay?!", [Y/N] exclaimed with worry laced in her voice as she trudges towards Diamond and Phos who's currently hugging her leg covered stocking.

Diamond or Dia nod as she stand up and dust her clothes, her straps swaying slightly as the wind passed by.


"I've been strapped in this problem of getting ideas to the point where I might crumble if I think about again! Do you have any idea how many days I've spent lazing on it?!", Phos yelled in frustration, but Dia didn't seem to be faze by it at all, the diamond simply smiled.

"Then, what kind of Idea do you need?", Dia asked calmly.

"No idea"

"Now that's a difficult request", Dia replied, hearing that statement [Y/N] could only sweatdropped at the innocent Diamond.

Phos only groaned at Dia's reply.

"Why don't you start to change from within? You know, do the things you normally wouldn't do", Dia suggest, Phos only stared blankly at her as he pulled Dia's stocking down.

"Yeah, sometimes I feel like I want to be reborn".

"AAAHH! This is getting nowhere!!! You dissapoint me Dia!!", Phos yelled as he sat burrying his face into his knees.

"Phos quit being childish, Dia is trying to help!", [Y/N] exclaimed at the childish peppermint gem.

"It wasn't helping was it? I'm sorry, I have many problems as well", Dia apologized as she tried to get Phos out of his foul mood.

Phos only grunt in response.

"Come on, I'm sorry", Dia chirped as she looped her arms around the male's body and lift Phos up.

Phos only mumbled as he was put down by Dia, who's currently pulling up her white stocking.

"Anyway have you seen Bort?".

"Ah, yeah! Did Bort left you again?", [Y/N] said in disbelief at the male's action, sure he cared about his brother, but that doesn't mean leaving him alone on a sunny day!

"That Bort again?! So selfish leaving you alone!" Phos said as he gritted his teeth in annoyance.

"It's not his fault, I just couldn't keep up..", Dia said with a sad smile adorning her face.

"Dia, you need to stop, he's just overprotective", [Y/N] said as she tries to cheer up the sad diamond.

"Want the tough me to tell him off for you?!", Phos said with determination as he raise his fist.

But then, Dia unsheath her sword, earning a panic look from Phos.

"A-ah! That was a bit overboard..".

"[Y/N]. Sensei. Report" Dia said as she made a mad dash towards a Lunarian Vessel that was coming towards them.

Without further notice, [Y/N] quickly run back to the school, trying to find Sensei. When she got there, it then hit her like a truck.

Sensei is deep in his slee- meditation.

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