Chapter 27

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I woke up next to perrie, I kissed her cheek. She stirred "mmm good morning!" She said with her cute morning voice. "Good morning" I said. She turned to me and gave me a kiss, I pulled her closer and kissed her passionately. I pulled her on top of me and we made out for a couple of minutes. "And why did I deserve that?" She asked. "Because I love you" I said. She smiled. "Oh and make tonight free I'm planning on something" I said smiling. "We're going out?" She asked. "Mmm maybe, maybe not" "noooo! I don't like it when you don't wanna tell me what we're doing!" She whined as she got off me. I laughed and got out of bed, "just put on something nice" I winked at her giving her a kiss on her head as I put on a shirt and walked downstairs.

She walked downstairs wearing a pair of silk shorts and a tank top, no makeup and her hair hanging messy over her shoulders. It was morning and she still was the most beautiful person you would ever see, I'm so damn lucky. "Like what you see?" I got snapped out of my thoughts. "Oh I sure do" I said. She laughed"
"Oh shut up I just woke up" "yeah so?" I asked. "So I look horrible. "No you don't, I've ever seen someone look this good when they woke up" I said. I saw her blush so she turned around. "You know turning around won't prevent me from seeing you blushing" I said. She turned around. "You're really feeling you're self aren't you?" "Yeah yeah I Am". She smirked and turned back around.

"Okay why are you feeling so excited today?" She asked after I kept laughing at her. "Oh nothing I just can't wait for tonight" I said. "Oh and why?" She asked. "You'll find out tonight" I said. I looked back at my phone and heard her groan slightly. I saw an Instagram post from a fan. Captioned : mr and mrs Oxlade-Chamberlain. I smirked to myself, wait till tonight guys! I thought to myself.

I decided to drop some hints to perrie. "This sounds good" I said. "What?" She asked. Mr and mrs Oxlade-Chamberlain." I said. She smiled. "Yeah that sound good" "Perrie Louise Oxlade-Chamberlain" I said. She walked to me. "I can't wait" she said wrapping her arms around my neck. "Dropping hints?" I smirked. "Maybeee" She said laughing. I smiled. I can't wait to marry the woman and calling her my wife everyday.

I walked out of the jewelry store with the little box in my hands. In it sat the engagement ring, the one I thought she loved the most. A silver one with a big diamond in the middle and little ones at the side. I walked to my car and drove back home. As I got home I put the little box in the pocket of my jacket, I walked to the front door and opened it. I went inside and took my jacket off the box still in it. "Pez?" I called out for her. "Perrie?" I said a little louder. That's weird she should be here I thought to myself. I walked into the living room. "Pez!" I yelled. At that moment the dogs ran to me, all barking and jumping. They weren't exiting barking it was more an alarming kind off bark. I walked in the kitchen and then saw why the dogs were barking. "Perrie!" I yelled as I saw her laying on the ground. I ran towards her and kneeled down. I tried to wake here but she wouldn't wake up, I grabbed my phone and called 911.

"Hello with the alarm number what's you're emergency?" The woman on the line said. "Yes hello you're speaking with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, I just got home and my girlfriend past out" I told the lady kinds panicking, I told our address and not long after the ambulance was here. "Do you want to come with?" One of the men asked. "Yes please" he nodded and I got in the ambulance with perrie. I hold her hand while we drove to the hospital.

I was sitting on the couch watching some tv when I started to get unwell. I walked to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water, I started to get really dizzy and my head hurts really much. I leaned on the counter and drank a bit off water. I couldn't see clear anymore and I started sweating. I closed my bottle of water and tried walking back to the couch, but the whole room started turning and I couldn't walk straight. I fell to the ground and before I knew it everything went black.

Ohhhh cliffhanger! Kinda, I think😂
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