But despite that, not keeping track of time, you land at your destination quicker. Partly where you wouldn't expect to find yourself.

In the middle of the desert. " Stevie, You better not just be ditching me here."

" nope, I'm not that cruel. Aren't I technically, your adoptive parent? I couldn't leave you here, that's child abuse."

I thought about it for a second, so, that's kinda weird. I poked him, " that's technically true but don't say that because it's ... Strange."

" I only just realised myself."

" wait how'd you know about the adoption-"

" I can hear almost everything that goes on in that house. It's rather disturbing."

" I can use this against you now."

" what? "

" you being my 'dad'. You better do a good job of it. My last one almost killed me."

" I suppose I can beat that."

Struggling to see any evidence that he could be lying right now, it seemed kinda cool to have my best friends mate as a sorta dad thing. Although, he could hold the fact I killed him against me in the future too. Like, really badly. I'd never put into consideration the point of using the fact Dan was my parent to get things, that's pretty cool.

My eyes flickered right to the sound of a scream, I jumped back and latched onto Steven. He chuckled, wrapping an arm around me with a somewhat hesitant motive. " your in the middle of a war-zone, expect to hear that. . . Now that I think about it, not the best place to bring you. "

" just let me find Demetri, so I can beat the shit out of him. It's my job, no-one else's!"

" it's a war between my kind and your kind, if your not careful, you'll get sliced into pieces. So, please, don't run off " Steven looked down at me, " I feel suddenly possessive over you. "

" Aw Stevie, your fatherly instinct has kicked in already," I teased, elbowing him lightly and walking off in the direction of where I last heard the scream. Only because I wanted to seem brave, when in all fairness I wanted Steven to walk ahead of me and it's exactly what he started doing soon after.

" Do you know where abouts he is. I suddenly feel even more violent than before. "

" As long as there are no knives near you, I'm sure everyone is safe for a moment. His where abouts, I don't know, your the one who should know!"

" My tummy feels okay now though, I feel calmer too. Is that a good or bad sign?" I started hearing faint clashes of metal and stopped, that can't be good. Sword fighting usually sounded fun but I was more worried as to what I'd see a result of.

Yeah yeah, I haven't really been bothered in the past. However, Demetri has never been involved. Actually I'm quite scared of him, considering he seemed quite violent the first time I met him. That was another circumstance.

As we climbed through the sand, I had to take my shoes off to remove the sand from them multiple times before I threw them at Steven and climbed on his back. I was tired, and lazy, it's never a good combination. For me at least.

It was when we reached the top of one hill that something flew up and landed in front of us. Frightening me to fall backwards on the floor. I scuttled around and used Seven as a shield.

Turns out the being was angry, yet unable to give me any harm. I glared at the angel stood there, walking over with my hands on my hips, trying to look more annoyed than I was. It was as if a static anger was glimmering between us as we both asked the same question. " what do you think your doing?"

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