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"Why you gotta be so Boujee?"

I was taken back by what he said to me. I personally hated when people called me Boujee. I was mostly known for being anti social or just not messing with people like that. My peers established that I was a shy girl, but if you actually talked to me I'm a lit person.

"Well I wouldn't consider my self Boujee," I sighed.
"I just don't talk first, that's all," I said looking down.
"Well both of us definitely don't want to get married, unfortunately we got to, so let's just make this shit work," Lamelo scuffed.

I didn't answer to what he said. I only shrugged my shoulders.

"So tell me about your self wifey," Melo smirked.

I covered my face and laughed. I needed to get used to being a wife.

"Ummm my name is Mekai Amari Simmons, I turned 16 in February and I want to become a journalist in the NBA," I smiled.
"For real?" Lamelo asked.
"That's so dope, you gon be writing about your man real soon," He smirked again.
" I barely know you and you're already calling yourself my man," I rolled my eyes.


I just looked at shawty and laughed. She's still declining me even though we're getting married.

"Now it's your turn," She smiled.
"You already know me Lamelo Ball, the last name is all I do and if you want to know more just google me," I popped my imaginary collar.

Mekai stares at me blankly and I bursted out in laughter.

"I'm just playing, the name is Lamelo but call me Melo or Daddy. I'm 16 and my dream is to play in the NBA," I rubbed my hands together.
"Boy I won't call your ugly ass daddy," Mekai rolled her eyes.
"That's what you're saying now, I want seven kids by the way."

Mekai's eyes opened widely and she nearly choked on air.

"I'm just fw you mane," I laughed again.

She caught her breath again and returned to normal.

"To be honest Kai, you're really beautiful and I can't wait to see how this works out," I grabbed her hand.

I got on one knee and took out the ring my dad gave me.

"Let's do this marriage the proper way."
"Mekai Amari Simmons, will you accept the honor of being Mekai Ball?" I asked.

She smiled and shook her head. I slid the ring on her finger and stood up.

"Just promise me one thing Melo," she looked down at the ring.
"What's that baby?"

"Don't have me out here looking stupid."

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