Calm The Fire: 79

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Morning came quickly. Dim orange sunlight filtered through the dark buildings which made up Lake Town. It was this same light which slowly made its way into Náriel's room. Though she wasn't the one who it woke up.

Thorin's eyes slowly opened, he stared up at the ceiling for a few moments before looking to the side. Náriel laid, still and sleeping. She looked so at peace when asleep. Not that she looked permanently worried when awake. But there was always something in her gaze which caused her to not look totally content.

Slowly he managed to sit up in the bed and move off of it without stirring her. He walked over to the window and looked out. Neither of them had pulled the shutter last night, so he had a rather good view of what morning looked like in Lake Town. The windows glistened in the dew and melting snow. The patchwork roof tops were flecked with settled snow, those roof tiles which were facing the slowly rising sun were already melting under the gentle heat. The rest of the roof was still in shadow of the early morning.

Giving a sigh, Thorin turned slowly and looked to Náriel, she laid looking up at him with unblinking eyes. Moving slowly forward he walked around the bed, gathering his thoughts. Stopping he sat down on the end of the bed and pulled his boots on. Tightly lacing them he looked over his shoulder as Náriel's face peered coyly over. She leant her chin against his shoulder while her arms slowly wrapped themselves around his middle.

“I am struggling to determine what greeting to use. I mean, good morning seems a bit much, is it good?”

Thorin frowned and looked to the wall opposite them. “Good morning, Náriel.” He smiled at her. “Can't start the morning off to simply without a question already, can we?” He asked simply while patting her hands, she slowly released him and leapt over the bed to pull on her boots too. She may not be coming along, but she was still going to say farewell to everyone.

“Oh, you know me, highly questionable at the best of times.” She said while finishing lacing up her boots. “I have awful timing with words and questions.” She looked up at him and smiled slowly. Thorin held out a hand and nodded slowly over to the door. Reaching up she placed her hand in his and got slowly pulled to a stand. Looking up at him she sadly smiled. “Is it too much to ask for you to be careful?”


“Then be careful,” she tiptoed to fully place her arms around his neck and bury her face against his shoulder. Humming lightly she took to idly and rather absent-mindedly running her fingers through his hair. Leaning back suddenly she looked at him oddly, like a realization of something had just hit her. Thorin looked at her confused over her sudden change in behaviour.

Reaching down she placed a hand to his chest. Slowly she tapped her finger and looked up at him. “Omhîl tûmûbmênu khi?”


Náriel looked down at the floor before looking around thoughtfully. Shaking her head she reached up and wrapped her arms back around him. “Sanzeuh,” she whispered. “Gi melin,” she reverted back to her native language, Thorin held onto her with a confused expression still. She stepped back and smiled up at him. “In Khuzdul, I believe it'd be something along the lines of...” Náriel trailed off and frowned thoughtfully. “Zâyunga zu.” Thorin's expression went blank as he looked down at her. “If we are to be parted need to know this-” Náriel said and was going to say more but she got cut off by him leaning down and promptly kissing her. She was taken back by the sudden immense feeling of both desperation and emotions that she almost stumbled.

“Sorry, Princess, did I make your knees go weak?” Thorin couldn't help but get one last joke in before leaving this room and getting down to the business at hand.

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