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Chapter Fifty

The coffee shop bell dinged indicating someone had entered the shop.

"Hi girls" Blair said, not sounding the happiest.

The girls smiled in his direction, sitting on the empty seats around the table.

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes, the teenagers sharing glances in worry.

"Anything you've got to tell me?" Blair said angrily.

"Any of you?!" He said, his voice getting louder.

"Blair we haven't did anything" Andy said standing up for everyone.

"Oh really?" He said with a laugh.

"Is that why I found this in your bedroom" He said holding up a pregnancy scan.

The group sat stunned. Soph was sure she had hid the scan so no one would find it.

"It's not what you think" Brooklyn quickly said.

"It's looks exactly what I think" Blair said slamming the scan on the table.

Sian sat back in fear, this was the side of Blair she didn't want to meet.

"I warmed you boys. Brooklyn you put a lot on the line for Sophie, for what, for you to go and do this. It's not happening, not in my band" Blair angrily shouted.

Strangers turned in their seats, stunned at the tone of voice Blair was using. He awkwardly smiled.

"Brooklyn, you will no longer be apart of roadtrip, nor will Sophie have anything to do with pop hits, pack your stuff when you get back to the flat. I don't want to see you both again" He said strictly.

Everyone around the small table sat back in shock. There was no way this was happening.

"You can't do this too him, I'll do anything, just please, the band and the boys mean everything to him" Soph pleaded, tears pulling in her eyes.

"Fine then, Brooklyn, it's Sophie or the band. Take your pick"

"You can't be serious Blair" Mikey said not believing a word that was coming from his mouth.

"I'm very serious"

"I'm sorry boys. But my daughter and Sophie come first always. Well get our stuff now and you'll never hear of us again" Brooklyn m said sadly standing up. Sophie smiled through tears at the blonde boy.

"No, no way. Brooklyn leaves and i do too" Rye said standing up.

"Me too, no Brook, no roadtrip" Andy said, following rye.

Jack and Mikey also following both boys. Brooklyn stood, tears sliding down his cheeks. He knew why these boys where his best friends.

Sian and Arabella awkwardly followed the boys leaving the coffee shop.

"This is a joke" Blair laughed as they all gathered outside.

"No blair, This is real. You have no control over us anymore. We're gone, and this is over. Have a good life"

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