~Chapter Two~

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Sabine [The Next Day]

"Good morning, Miss Harlow. Is everything suitable and to your liking here in the Accounting Department?" My new boss, Shayne Carrington, greeted me extra chipper.

I spoke through gritted teeth, smiling, "Everything is wonderful, Mr. Carrington." I placed my suit jacket on the back of my comfy chair, and sat down at my beautiful desk. I had very nice new digs. I couldn't complain about that part.

"I'm glad to hear that. I think we'll get along just fine. I'm glad you agreed to be my new assistant. I really could use a good one. I hear you're the best. My sister-in-law, Bianca, recommended you." He almost sounded sincere, almost.

He walked away toward his office in a well tailored suit, that fit his powerful build to perfection. I couldn't help noticing how handsome he looked today. If only he acted in a handsome manner.

I should have known Bianca was behind this. Wait until I call her later. Thanks a lot friend. . . I don't know how he and I can work together for any length of time, before I choke him!


I came in to work early this morning. I wanted to get here before, Sabine. I wanted to make sure her desk was delivered and set up, with everything she would need.

She sat there so indignantly yesterday deciding if she would take the position, as my assistant or not. I was a little insulted. I wouldn't have chosen her if it hadn't been for Bianca, insisting that she was the best qualified for the job. Bianca was the Director of the HR Department for over ten years here, so I trust her judgement.

Sabine is a live wire, and I have to watch out not to be incinerated by her. She pulls no punches. I don't know where this woman came from? I only tolerate her, because she's Bianca's best friend. . .

Sabine stepping in through the Department door, halted my thoughts, "Good morning, Miss Harlow. It's so nice to see, that you agreed to be my assistant." I tried to be cordial to this perplexing woman.

"I found you a very nice desk, and a very comfortable chair.  They were set up this morning. I hope everything is to your liking?" I pensively waited for her response.

"Everything is wonderful." She looked at her new surroundings, scrutinizing every detail.

"I'm happy to hear it! Make yourself comfortable, and we can have a little meeting of the minds in my office in about ten minutes. I just have to make a quick phone call." I turned and went to my office, as she skewered me with her dark brown eyes.

I have to admit she is quite a beautiful woman, and I'm sure she has an amazing smile, hypothetically speaking.

I didn't really have to make a phone call, I needed time to adjust. I was more than nervous this morning when I was talking to Sabine. It must be all of the pressure, that we are under from Winthrop Oil. . . I've never had a reaction to her before.

I cautiously approached her desk, "Miss Harlow, I'd like to have our meeting in my office now. I can have coffee, tea, or something to eat sent up later. We'll probably be working through lunch. We have a lot to go over."

She put down a framed picture, and actually smiled at me, "For starters, since we'll be working together you can call me, Sabine. I would like coffee, and I brought my lunch, but thank you." She held up her purple insulated lunch bag.

"Okay then, I'll call and order coffee, and we can get started right away." I gestured for her to proceed ahead of me into my office.

The scent of her perfume trailed behind her in the air. . . My shirt collar suddenly, felt tight around my neck.

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