Chapter 18

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-Tavros P.O.V-

Gcat cuddles up in your arms, he always tries to bother people in the neighborhood, stealing things, teleporting people half way across town, running away from time to time and just generally being a nuisance. You remember how you found him, he was covered in mud with a hurt paw, you taught he was an abandoned cat, so you took him, you were really surprised when you bathed him for the first time, his fur completely white with bright green eyes, what surprised you the most though, is that he didn't set off your allergies. After you helped him, he just decided to stay with you, at first he acted sassy, if cats can even be considered sassy, then he just became a cuddle bug as time went on. You decided on the name 'Gcat' when he started teleporting himself and other things around the house, technically, his full name is Godcat, but Gcat sounds better to you. People tend to whisper to each other when you and your companion are around, you think you even heard someone call you 'the strange boy and his familiar' then went on a rant about how you should put Gcat on a leash, you know that wouldn't help, he'd just teleport out of it.

"Tavros, you still haven't gotten rid of that thing yet?" Oh, it's Vriska, you were so lost in your thoughts you didn't notice her walk up to you. Gcat hisses at her, you pet him so he calms down.

"Why would I ever get rid of him? He's great." She rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, just keep that freak away from me." He hisses, he really hates her for some reason. You go home and let Gcat wonder around, only to whine for food about a minute later, you've gotten used to this whole routine. You feed him, give him water, and pet him, your effort rewarded by him purring. You hear what sound like whispers, they grow louder and louder until they become screams. You cover Gcats ears and pray it will end soon.

"Woah." A voice says as the screams fade. "Who are you?" You turn and look at them, they're hair's messy, they're wearing face paint and polka dot pants.


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