Chapter 16

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-Sol P.O.V-

Eridan has been really upset for the past couple days, you'd ask why, but you don't want to die. Today, they seem worse, and you let your guard down.

"What's wrong?" You place a hand on their shoulder.

"Get out."


"I said get out!" They snap at you, pulling a gun on you. You back yourself into a corner like a dumbass.

"What?" You say again confused as hell.

"Are you deaf?! Leave!" You try leaving the room but they grab you and drag you to the front door. "Don't come back!" They scream as they shove you out the door. You're free, and you fell down the stairs leading to the door, everything hurts. You manage to get up, despite your body's protest and try to get back home, it's bright out, which wouldn't be a problem, if you weren't locked in a dark room for god knows how long, your legs feel like they're going to give out, when was the last time you ate? A group of people walk towards you, you can't quite make out their faces, two of them look really familiar though.

"Sollux? What the fuck happened to you?"

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