Chapter 12

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I didn't come down to my room for the rest of the weekend. I am not going to lie, I'm totally wasted. I cough and rub my eyes. I get up from my bed and start pick up all the bottles of poison.
It was like a grave yard of glass. All the bottles of liquor and vodka.

After I threw them in the trash I went into my bathroom just to look at myself in the mirror. I look up at the makeup stains on my face. My hair was everywhere and I looked dead. To put it in more colorful ways, I looked like a piece of shit.

I turned on the shower and took off my clothes, exposing my naked body. I looked down as tears started to fall.

Why was I crying though? Why am I so confused? I mean, I guess I'm a slut for letting Yoongi take advantage of me. I was trapped in a cage and I was wanting out. But Yoongi has the key.

I got in the shower and sat down on the floor, holding my legs. I just had to think. I needed to figure things out.

Is Yoongi using me? Is he trying to get close to me so I can quit band? Does he just not want me in the picture? I look up at the falling water and close my eyes.

Maybe if I wasn't in the picture.

I get up off the floor to wash off all the puke and alcohol off my wasted body.

I shouldn't let a boy treat me this way.

After I get out of the shower, I went to my closet to pick out some clothes. Today, I felt like being a bad ass so I pick out some black skinny jeans and a tight crimson red shirt. I decide to get my red lipstick, some I never wear because I never liked myself in it.   

After I'm all dressed, I grab my phone and text Yoongi. But I stop because of how many worried text messages there were. 104 text messages from someone I didn't except. I opened my phone and say that all of the messages were from Yoongi. At first, the messages were just horny texts.

"Minji, I want my head between your legs."

"I  want you to ride my face."

"You should be in bed with me.."

Then, the text messages went from sexual to worried.

"Minji, what the fuck are you doing to yourself?"

"Minji, answer me"

"I'm not asking Minji, answer me."


"Please Minji answer me.

"You really think you can take advantage of me?"

With anger, I threw my phone down on my bed. Does he really care for me? He can't just flip a switch like that.

I pick up my phone and called Namjoon. He answered on the first ring, his voice surprised to hear from me.


With a dull voice I said, "Pick me  up" Then I hung up.

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