(Sword Art Online)Neko! Delinquent! Sinon x Shy! Reader Part 2

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*Sinon's P.O.V.* 

          I woke up in my bed,"Today's the day". This is the day that I get to meet (Y/c/n) irl. I'm so excited. I looked at myself in the mirror at my dark brown hair. My eyes rested onto my dark brown cat ears and then they traveled down to my tail. I couldn't help, but think,"Who would like someone who looks like this? It's different if it were still in the game, but it isn't. Should I really go on this date?" I pushed the thought away and began to get dressed. 

          I decided to wear something simple, but nice. I wore a tan sweat shirt and some jeans. Since, it was so cold I put on a blue jacket and a scarf. Once I looked at myself again I nodded and walked out the door.

*Your P.O.V.*

          I waited for Sinon at the address she had given me. I looked up and read a sign '(f/r)'(favorite restaurant). I was wearing a (f/c) shirt and some jeans. It wasn't too fancy, but at least it looked nice. I mean this is technically a first date. 

          I heard heavy footsteps walking up to me and as I turned my (e/c) eyes met her blue eyes,"Hey, (Y/c/n). You look nice today". I probably looked like I was being rude because my mouth was ajar and I didn't answer her right away. I was too fucused on trying to understand why she had cat ears and a cat tail. We weren't in game anymore, so she should look the same as me, right? 

          I shook my head trying to regain my thoughts,"Hi Sinon. You too. I mean you look really nice, too," I fumbled over my words, but ultimately looked to my feet in embarrassment. 

          I heard a small giggle come from above me,"Hey, it's ok. I know it's a little weird. I can't really explain why I have cat ears and a tail because I was born with them. I don't know why, but to be honest, I've never tried to question it. Want to head in?" 

          I looked up at her and gave her a sweet smile,"Yes," I opened the door and let her in first,"After you". She smiled back at me as her ears went back in embarrassment, but she still walked in. We got the our seats and quickly ordered. For a while we just sat in quiet, enjoying each other's company. I had to say it was nice, but I wanted to get to know her more. 

          That's exactly what I did,"So, Sinon why did you join ALO?" 

          She looked up from her hands with a smile on her face,"A friend of mine who switch to GGO for a while came on to stop the player called Deathgun. After he was defeated, my friend invited me to join ALO. How about you? You never did tell me". I really didn't want to talk about it, but I wanted her to trust me and I wanted to be able to trust her.

          I closed my eyes and got ready for the feeling that were about to hit me,"My (sister/brother) would play GGO with me. (He/she) was in the BoB tournament with me. Deathgun targeted (him/her) and (he/she) wasn't strong enough to fight him off. He killed (her/him). He almost killed me, too, but he didn't thanks to you and that girl named Kirito". 

          She gave me a sideways grin,"Yeah, about that 'girl', she wasn't a girl. Kirito is a guy. His head girl was a special kind, so it gave him a female appearance. He had to use it because he couldn't be recognized by Deathgun. He had to stay safe and that was the way he did it. Anyways, I'm sorry. I didn't know that your (brother/sister) was in the game when Deathgun happened. I wish I had. Maybe Kirito and I could have protected (him/her). I'm just glad that we got to you on time". She grabbed ahold of my hand giving it a tight squeeze. 

          "Thank you. I mean it, but there wasn't anything you could have done. If you would have been able to stop him, he most likely would have gone right back after (him/her). It's ok. I do have to admit that I have nightmares of him. Deathgun has me trapped and is about to shoot me, my (brother/sister) is standing there saying that I should have died the first time, you and Kirito are there, but you don't even move, and, finally, Deathgun shoots me," I trailed off not knowing what else to say. 

          Sinon got up and led me outside the building and away from the cars, into a small field,"That won't ever happen,"she speaks the moment she stops moving,"I'll make sure of it. (Y/c/n), what's your real name?"

          I looked at her confused,"(Y/n. (Y/n) (L/n)".

          She smiled nodding,"My name is Asada Shino,"she shook her head as if trying to concentrate,"(Y/n), I know that I'm strange and I'm not like most people are, but for some reason I have feeling for you. I don't want to see you get hurt, ever. Please allow me to protect you, so you don't have to feel pain again. I will do anything if you say you will. So, will you be my girlfriend?"

          The moment she asked me that my breath was taken away. I had no idea what I should say. I wanted to say yes, but I don't want anything in return. Do I just tell her that? Ugh! I don't know what to do!

          I took a calming breath looking into Asada's eyes looking for something until I find it,"Yes, I will be your girlfriend". She smiled at me, a small purr escaping her lips, as she pulled me into a hug. It was the warmest hug every. It was winter and temperatures were reaching 32*F (0*C), yet that hug made everything feel as though it were summer. I loved it. I love her. 

          She pulled away from the hug immediately planting her lips onto mine. It was way better then the first kiss she gave me. This one was sweet and savory, I never wanted it to end. Sadly, it did when she pulled away. She led me to a park where we stayed for a while longer. 

          Just before we parted ways she looked me in the eyes,"Will you go on another date with me?" And of course my answer was...

Sorry I wanted to end it like this because I want to see how many of you will say yes and if any of you will say no. Please comment below! I love reading your messages. I hope you like it!  

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