Chapter 3

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Eleanor's POV:

     I knew how to approach guys I was a model with a good sense, I had to model with men often and it was always a hard task, to press you semi naked body against someone else and make believe that you were physically attracted in front of the camera. It never proved to be easy, and having a laugh during the session eased the tension. How was I suppose to handle a soccer player? I decided instantly he could model with long legs and arms, he was tall as Libby pointed out to me, he sipped Fanta, nibbled carrot sticks and seemed so detached from the room and its surrounding, I was so thrilled just to try it for once. I slid in next to him he didn't notice at first. But when he turned and saw me beside him his eyes lit up.

"Gosh your Eleanor" he spoke "Hello nice to meet you, Loui is the name"

"Yes I saw you play.. play you know on the field and all" I stammered.

"Yea that last goal saved the nation" he smirked he offered me something of his plate.

I kindly rejected, he held my eyes and I got a good stunning look at beautiful eyes, I had seen many eyes but his well they took my breathe away, behind me Libby chattered and I hear laughter and the scrawl of a pen upon her notepad.

"So whats it like modelling?" he asked.


"My sister admires you, even though your small time at the moment she has ever clipping of you"

"I am so glad, to be admired"

"You don't look like a model" he told me eyeing me as he sipped Fanta "I mean aren't models thin and lean?"

Did he just imply I was neither?

I had to handle this carefully, soccer players had big heads I reminded myself.

"I don't diet"

"Oh no I am so sorry" he apologised promptly wiping Fanta from his lips "I meant it in a different way then it sounded most models are thin skinny things, and I always have thought its a shame, I like eating you know and I think one should eat good things but be healthy and active, and a model most I mean don't give that impression to young people and being well having younger girl siblings I want them to see good role models" he blabbed on.   

"No, not its fine" I told him. He breathed.

"Can I have err your autograph" he asked he dug around in a pocket for what I thought may be a pen but he gave me an image of myself, I was the one who had to supply the pen.

I  didn't give to much thought to it but did every guy just happen to have an image of a model in their back pocket?

I scrawled on the image

Be happy with who you are, be beautiful from the inside and don't be tempted to diet, my image is the result of a no diet attitude but a fondness of fitness and health eating

Eleanor Jane Calder xxx

He smiled down at it "Thank you so very much" he tucked the photo away.

"May I have a number?"

Was he asking me out? I wondered

But then he added 

"My sister would never give it out she'd keep it with her and her alone she may need advice on you know girl things"

I didn't know if or not his sisters had a Mum so I kindly scribbled it on the back of the photo, I couldn't refuse an opportunity to fantasize that he may ring me can I?

To be Continued...
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