Chapter 16: Like a Bombshell That Could Wipe Out America

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Rolling my eyes, I walked up to him and tried to get his attention by pinching his arm.

“Ow! What the hell?” He stopped his jumping and turned his eyes on me. “Are you crazy?”

“Shut up,” I said. “I was just gonna tell you that my friends and I are having a movie marathon tonight. People are gonna come over so kindly move that lazy ass of yours off the couch because I don’t want them to think that I’m letting a lunatic live in my house.”

“Ha ha, very funny,” he replied dryly. “And for the record, I don’t recall you having ‘friends’. What, did you recruit some dorks to join your little posse?” He burst into laughter.

I rolled my eyes. “That is the lamest and most pathetic joke I’ve ever heard,” I retorted.

Chase folded his arms and rolled his eyes at me.“Shut up. And who are these so called friends anyway?”

“Zach and Ken.”

His eyes widened, as if shocked by what I said. “What the freaking hell is this? A double date?”

I pondered for a while before answering. “Hmm. Probably.”

“Fantastic,” he muttered. “What are you trying to do? Make me feel out of place while the four of you  do some evil stuff together?”

I scoffed. “How can you feel out of place? You’re not even invited.”

Like the devil he is, he just smirked at me. “Like that’s gonna happen.” Then he added, “Besides, who said I needed an invitation? I’m Chase Hayden. I can do anything I want, like you know, crash your little dorky party.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” I arched an eyebrow and gave him a lopsided grin. “Good luck on being a fifth wheel.”

“Fifth wheel?” he exclaimed incredulously. “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. And please, I won’t let you do all the fun. I’m inviting someone over.”

At that, my eyes narrowed. The idea of Chase’s latest conquest or whosoever , stepping foot in my house gave me shivers; but letting Chase know of that wasn’t the best idea ever. Sorry pride, but I have a rep to protect (as if).

“Sure, that sounds fair,” I said nonchalantly. “Just make sure not to ruin our night by turning it into an extra hot and not to mention, disgusting make out session with whoever bimbo you’re bringing.” I looked at him scathingly before adding, “Or you’re gonna lose a limb.”

I didn’t wait for his response and immediately made my way back to the kitchen. Realizing that I wasn’t alone – judging from the heavy footsteps I  can hear behind me – I quickly spun around only to have Mr. Moron bump into me.

“What the hell?” I hissed. “Why are you following me?”

For some stupid reason, the idiot grinned. “Because my momma always told me that I should follow my dream.”

On impulse, my mouth snapped open to crack some retort but upon realizing what he just said, my own body failed me as my cheeks started to heat up. My good Lord, I am blushing.

“Now what?” he said, teasing me. “Cat got your tongue?”

Embarrassing me some more, my cheeks turned redder as I shot Chase a pointed look. “Oh, shut up, you nincompoop.”

Nincompoop? Wow Carli, very original.

“Nincompoop?” Chase said, echoing my thoughts. Then after a split second, the idiot burst into guffaws as if finding what I said very funny. “What the hell is that? It sounds like bird shit, if you ask me.”

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