Chapter 8

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Heechul walked us to the garden and we walked slowly. ''Taemin, Wonshik this is your new master ! Moon Jongup ! '' ''Hello..'' I mumbled before realizing I disrespected him. ''I'm sorry ! I- I didn't mean to be-'' ''It's ok pretty boy don't worry about that ! We'll be mate very soon so I would appreciate if you were honest !'' My heart stopped when I heard these word. I want to bound me...Oh no...He smiled at me and I tried to send one back. ''Don't worry I'll take good care of you two !'' ''Wait ! You want to bound me too ?'' asked Wonshik ''Yes why ?'' ''I'm already mated ! I already bounded someone !'' ''Well you will still come with me ! You'll take care of Taemin when I'm at work ok ?'' ''Yes..'' We stopped in front of a bush of purple roses and i smelled them softly. ''They're beautiful !'' i said with a smile. ''Not as beautiful as you !'' said Jongup.

POV Jonghyun.

We arrived in front of a big manor so we parked. We moved carefully inside the court of the house to see someone tied and bloody. ''Wait...This smell...''whispered Jongin looking toward the man. ''No ! No !'' he ran toward the bloodied body and untied him. ''Kyungsoo babe can you hear me ?'' ''Nini...'' ''Babe stay calm I'll take care of them don't worry...I love you...'' Minseok took D.O to the car to mend his wounds and Jongin changed to his Demon form. Minho set his fist on fire, Kibum prepared to control the shadows, Jinki change to his angel form and My family and I half turned. We walk toward the garden when men stopped us. ''Stop right here !'' Sodam growled and Kibum was the first one to move snaping one of the guys neck. The fight begun and it was a bloody one ! A very bloody one ! Minho healed us and we walked. Once in the garden we saw 4 men in front of a bush and i could smell Taemin. ''Wonshik ! It's him ! With the white hair !'' exclaimed Leo happy to see his mate. I saw a blue haired boy grab a light blond one by his cheeks before leaning in to kiss him that when I realized ! It's Taemin ! He's trying to kiss my Taemin !!

My blood boiled inside me, my vision became sharper, i could hear Taemin's heart beating and before I could blink I was in my full wolf form. I ran toward them and kicked the man making him flew away from Taemin. No one touch him and go away with it ! I stood in front of Taemin and Kibum joined me taking his hand. 'Kibum make him back away ! I don't want to hurt him ! I won't restrain myself with that bastard !' ''Don't worry leader I have him !'' They stepped back and from the corner of my eyes I could see my family and my pack fighting minions and on the other side I could see a tall tanned guy getting beaten up by Jongin. Leo was hugging Wonshik tightly when a man with long hair tried to stab him. ''Bad dog ! Really bad dog ! I'll have to punish you !'' said the blue haired man so I snarled at him. I made sure that Kibum was protecting Taemin before getting ready to fight.

POV Taemin

A big brown, white and black wolf with silver eyes saved me from having my first kiss stolen. I was standing in front of Jongup before Kibum grabbed me and made me back near a wall. I watched Jongin ripping Siwon's head from his body and I felt sick. I looked toward the guys to see Minho slowly burning a man alive while another big wolf eat a man. I puked on the grass. It's so violent. ''Breath Tae ! It's ok ! We're here !'' ''Where...where is Jonghyun...I can smell him but I don't see him...'' ''The wolf in front of the blue head ! Jonghyun is this one ! The other three are his family ! I know ! Unrecognizable ! He's so small but gigantesque in his wolf form ! Don't worry ! I got you !'' I looked at the wolf Kibum said was Jonghyun. Is he really Jonghyun ? I watched as he clawed and tried to bite at Jongup while taking blow.

He was fighting with all his might when Jongup teleported in his back and grabbed him under his front paw. ''You're a really bad dog !'' And a second later his hands came down making something break and the wolf howled in pain. My heart hached and i fell to my knees. ''It hurt...'' ''Taemin ! Are you hurt ? Are you ok ?'' ''I don't know it just hurt so much !'' ''Where ? Where does it hurt ?'' ''My ribs..'' Kibum pulled my shirt up a little and took a look. ''You seem fine ! Wait ! That mean you're not the one who's hurt ! Jonghyun is !'' I looked at the wolf to see him on the floor whimpering in pain. ''Kibum make it stop ! I can't breath !'' I begged ''Minho ! Jonghyun need healing !! Quick !'' Minho ran to Jonghyun and blue flames wrapped around the wolf making the whimper stop. The werewolf got up and bite Jongup's arm. ''You bastard !'' He grabbed Minho by his neck and started to strangle him and I think it was a very very bad choice of his. Kibum walked slowly toward them and my master's shadow crawled on his body before settling on his neck. ''Kibum ? What are you doing ?'' I asked my friend. ''No.One.Touch.My.Mate.'' Jongup squeeked a bit ''No.One.Hurts.My.Beta !'' Minho fell unconscious on the floor and I saw the wolf getting to his paws. ''Kibum ! Stop it ! Minho needs you !'' Kibum took his mate in his arms before coming back to me and the shadows disapeared. ''That was scary...'' ''Sorry Taemin !'' ''When did you learned that ?'' ''When we became a pack ! Jonghyun is our leader !'' ''You're a pack ? Wow !'' ''Yeah...''

I was looking at Kibum when a scream was heard.

My head snaped toward the sound to see Jongin curling on himself in pain. I ran to him and kneeled beside him. ''Jongin ! What happened ?'' ''He..He bite me !'' I looked behind me to see Heechul's head come off. ''A Black widow ! Oh crap ! Your poisoned !'' I took off my shirt and shook my wings a little bit to make fairy dust fall. I gathered it in my hands and applied it on Jongin's bite. I then crushed some roses on it as well as grass. ''Come on Jongin ! It's gonna be ok !'' I let my hand stay on top of the wound before it glow. ''Sleep now ! You're safe !'' ''Thanks bro..''

POV Jonghyun.

I was fighting against that son of a bitch when Jongin's scream was heard. ''I guess i lost this time ! We'll meet again !'' and the blue head disapeared. I looked in Jongin's direction before shifting back. Taemin was beside him and he grabbed his shirt to take it off. I knew that he's gorgeous but not to this extend ! Breathtaking silver pearl wings. A fairy ! Taemin is a fairy ! An Omega fairy ! I totaly understand why he didn't told us before ! It's so rare ! He made a bit of his fairy dust fall on the bite mark and added rose and grass to it before the mixture glowed. I can't take my eyes off his wings ! The light make them look a bit pink, blue and silver. Beautiful. I then noticed that his fairy dust is lavender. ''That...he's beautiful....'' ''I know right...You should see his fairy marks !'' He got to his feet and my father took Jongin to bring him to the car while Jinki and Kibum took Minho and followed. Leo and Wonshik were right after them to leave me alone with Taemin. When he turned toward me he blushed. I couldn't resist the urge and I ran to him bringing him to my chest. ''God I missed you...I was so scared...I'm sorry for upseting you last time...Are you ok ? Did they do anything to you ?'' ''They cut my hairs...'' I laughed a bit. ''It doesn't matter to could be bald for all i care i would still love you...'' ''You love me ?'' he asked surprised ''More than anything...'' I leaned down slowly ready to kiss him when. ''Come on guys ! We're leaving ! Going back home ! Hurry !'' shouted Seokjin. I sighed and took my shirt off to cover Taemin. ''Come on...we'll have time to talk once there...'' I took his and and we joined everyone in the car. Finally he's back !

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